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Have ye any nuts?

I'm eating chocolate cake that I forgot was here. Shows how often I open the fridge for food isn't it?

It's weird trying to remember how to work software I haven't used since the pre-broadband era. makes me feel old.

I hate the Wi-Fi thing.

I've been on Zelda 6 hours today, yet seem to have accomplished very little. Yesterday, in the 12 hours I was on it, I completed two dungeons. Today, though, I've only just gotten the third one open. I think it's mostly due to my urge to explore and poke everything. I spent the last 20 minutes swimming around Lake Hylia.

Things of note:
*Ralis is just so pretty
*I sense him/Colin action cause Colin's by his bedside
*Note to Malo: You shouldn't have a shop if you can't look over the counter
*How many bomb bags do you get? I now have three!
*Kitties/ducks/puppy's are all cute, but squirrel's still=best
*Hyrule Castle Town is pretty... but where the hell are all the shops and mini-games? In Ocarina (even though it was a third of the size at least) it had 4 shops and 3 mini-games, this one has a bunch of Goron's selling stuff, another that's left his shop unatttended and one mini-game. Maybe more'll show up later (when this Jovani bloke shows up)
*I wanna turn into wolf!Link anytime already *pouts*
*Who knew Gorons would be alright underwater?
*Zoras are pretty (as is Zora's Domain)
*Since when did 75% of the Zora population become soldiers?
*Someone's could Link grasshopper. Is this gonna happen on every console Zelda game noww? 9This is the third time it's happened, I can't remeber if it did on Wind Waker)
*Zoras and Gorons know what each other look like
*I got a new bottle
*I HATE fishing (in principle it's a good idea, in practice it frustrates the shit outta me, especially on that boat)
*The bridge above Lake Hylia is perdy
*Hyrule Field is massive
*Shad is perdy, though he hasn't said his name
*There seems to be an obsession with bomb arrow usage
*I loved the escort thing, weven though it hurt my wrist
*Hyrule soldiers are such fucking cowards. They're so useless!
*I like the rafting

I think that's it, though I might've missed something. Probably not, I haven't done much though so..

I'm taking a break for a few hours, before I dash back to Kakariko (I forgot to open the passage in the Zora Grave) then do the third Dungeon, Lakebed Temple. For now, i'll be online/writing and I'll probablt put soemthing on too.

Why am I thinking about kids a lot?

There's only a quarter of the cake left now.
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