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Are you really that dense?

I've played Twilight Princess now... 13 hours. Eeek. It's 5:42 am and I'm not tired at all. What is wrong with me?

Good thing is that, even after so long I'm not even half done yet. Another Link/Colin moment, Link holds him down when he's on all fours. Perv. Link is very very hot.

The Goldon Wolf could possibly be Sheik. When he first see's Link he says something along the liens of 'You're an insult to the tunic you wear.' He also mentions the hero that wore it (therefore he at least knew one of the Link's) also the howling statues (at least the Death Mountain one) have a symbol a lot like the Sheikah symbol, if not exactly the same. Hmmm.

The dark Link's are hot (mostly due to their red eyes), though Link with no irises/pupils is slightly scary. Scary in a hot, psycotic way.

Ralis=perdy. Link better do something wiht him or I'll slap him.

Tonight's been weird.
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