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A pencil inside a cup?

Last night was ugh. Mum forced me to bed as soon as I got over, though I couldn't sleep due to restlessness/her snoring. Bah! Pestered babu after 2, then went to bed again at 4ish, slept at about 5.

Woke at 9 this morning. Things I got:
*Two random Star Trek dvds
*A random Stargate dvd
*Wii Play
*Sweaters... ugh
*Sweets (chocolate=< 3)
*Star Wars Book

I set the Wii up in about 10 minutes and spent... 6 hours on Zelda. Things to note about Twilight Princess:
*So far, it's better then Ocarina
*Mostly cause Link has more friends
*Zelda is a wimp (who willing surrenders to the frces of darkness?)
*Why the hell isn't she a spirit/beast?
*I'm fairly sure she's evil
*Midna on first-name terms with Zelda? Didn't expect that
*Midna's cute, but only using Link for her own ends
*She pretty much says that
*Link is hot
*Wolf!Link is hot
*Topless Link is hot
*Wet Link is hot
*Gold Wolf/Spirit is hot
*Link is doing Colin
*Link has a bigger house then ever
*With lots of ladders
*And a kinky basement
*The guards/soldiers of Hyrule are shit
*Why's the Zora's Sapphire in Kakariko Graveyard?
*Why's Kakariko deserted?
*Hyrule's bigger this time, at least bigger then it was in Ocarina
*I wanna be able to turn into Wolf!Link at will already!
*Sword fighting on horseback=bad on wrist
*The jousting thing killed me 3/4 times
*Gorons= < 3
*Goat-thingy's < 3
*It took a while for me to get the controsl (I was still pressing A for the sword even after 6 hours)

And now onto the other main thing to ramble about: Doctor Who:
*It was funny
*Torchwood! < 3
*Torchwood's second secret London base: could Jack have been there last year?
*It was very amusing
*Wet Doctor=mmmmmm!
*Every other ep somethign's impossible
*Martha seems better then Rose
*The Face Of Boe!
*Why was't Jack in the trailer?
*Why was scantily clad chicks in the trailer?
*Torchwood and Sarah Jane ads after: eeee!
*Did I spot The Beast in Torchwood?

I'm sure I've missed stuff, I'm sure.

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