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A fucking riot

It doesn't feel like Christmas Eve at all. I feel so... detached from it. That and last week I thought it was Tuesday.

Oh well.

Since when did Dougie have a very very sexy boyfriend? Other then Harry. Although he does look a bit Harryish. Someone explain it to me?

Weekly Torchwoodness.

If this was an episode to prove Owen's not a twat it failed. Owen is a twat and that's clearly rubbed off on Gwen (drugging Rhys, what a bitch).
Ianto is love. Mainly cause he was Jack's first choice to go out with him. and for the looks they shared in the hospital.
Owen scaring the Wevils was weird.
Ohh there's something in the darkness. Again. Foreboding much?
Owen's stronger then he looks.

The end was more interesting though. Ianto being very dominant with the gun. Squee! I see Owen/Ianto porn.

I made a start on Dead! before going to watch. nowhere near enough to post, but enough to convvince me it can be finished tonight. Problem though, in about 10 minutes I'll be gone offline until tomorrow (in theory, in practice it means watching Nightmare until mum goes to bed, then running over... say, an hour?) I'm saving fic to device and taking it and laptop over so I can work on it though.

Also, forgot that there's a dvd/vcr como there. Huzzah! I can watch Last House without the annoying set up at last!

Merry Christmas people
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