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Tis the day before the day before Christmas

I can't believe how close to Christmas it is already. Sigh. It's so... surreal and I don't like it.

I've only just properly woken up: at nearly 4. Bah

Today's to-do list:
*Move things about
*Start to ready a travel bag for staying across at nan's (ie fill my MCR bag with the Wii stuff I've already got, MCR and Nightmare as well as ready the device/laptop for writing)
*Write (list of fics lower down in post)
*Watch whatever's on tele *crosses fingers for NCIS*

Most of the fic's I've had open I'm now closing (due to block). The one's that will remain open are to be considered the ones posted in the next day:
*mcsecretsanta (to be e-mailed off, not posted here)
*MCR surgery
*My Body is Your Body
*The Time Of Our Lives
*Mikey fic
*What To Do With the Dead

After that, these'll be the ones reopened to do when not hitting poeople in the eyes with the Wii:
*Deaf And Dumb
*The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah
*Miyavi Hammer fic
*Cause I See You Lying Next To Me
*The Hunt
*Hard Slammin
*Tie Me To A chair
*Where The Wild Roses Grow

Also, other fics that are up in the air (ie don't have a wordpad yet):
*A Kiss Before She Goes - Waycest
*Hand Work - Ian Watkins/Ilan Ruben
*Untitled - Brendon Urie/Patrick Stump/Ryan Ross
*Untitled - Charlie Simpson/Ian Watkins
*Untitled - Ian Watkins/Lee Gaze/Matt Tuck
*Untitled - Ian Watkins/Mikey Way
*Untitled - Ian Watkins/Sonny Moore
*Untitled - Link/Zora Prince
*Untitled - Mark Hoppus/Tom Delonge/Travis Barker
*Untitled - Matt Willis/Simon Amstell
*Untitled - Matt Willis/Omar Abidi
*Untitled (Cross-dressing) - Billy Martin/??
*Untitled (Fisting) - Charlie Simpson/Dan Haigh/Omar Abidi
*Untitled (Possible Bitch sequel) - Gerard Way/Mikey Way
*Untitled (Ritual sacrifice) - MCR/??
*Untitled (Simpsoncest) - Charlie Simpson/Will Simpson
*Untitled - Frankie Iero/Brendon Urie
*Untitled - Mikey Way/Matt Tuck
*Untilted - Gerard Way/Ryan Ross
*Untitled - Frankie Iero/Ian Watkins

The are done listed differently cause I copied/pasted the list from my fics to do list, the others I just typed out.

Gahs I didn't realise the list was so long. Eeek.

If people ask about pairings, I'll add them to the fics without pairings by them. Fics that are just pairings are untitled's.

People that have requests now must have them for Harry or Dave Seven Deadly Sins WTF 27, Kinkways Busted or Smut 69 MCR. Any other request that's not one of those, or isn't listed on the above to-do list, won't be done until way into the new year. For the things just listed, pairings only will do (basic plotline=optional) which'll help me out when I do them. I'm editing the specific ones to add pictures now.

I'm rambling *blush* But this is as much for my reference as for anyone elses so..
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