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Always a rat close by

I have a million e-mails to go through/reply to which I will after this post.

Today was strangely fun. Scary a day with mum could be. My feet are so tired.

I got 3 or the 4 things I was after today. Well, sorta.

Mum was being nice and understanding for once, again, scary, Plus, she said I can go to Birmingham's Give It A Name.

I almost got the Last House On The Left dvd, but it had no special features so I didn't.

Mum got me the Zelda guide without me asking :| she just picked it up.

There's an MCR comp on Music Zone's site. Easiest question ever. Even mum got it right. (Even though she said yesterday it was 'The Death Paade')

Mum's nice about my sexuality for once and doesn't get why babu's mum/dad don't get it.

There's two Wii playing things, but I didn't go on either cause it was Wii Sports.

There was a gorgeous Link statue in Gamestation that was as tall as me < 3 i wanted to grope it.

Heffalumps=< 3

Pizza Hut=< 3

Things I got:
*2 Blenders
*Guitar World (I swear I'll learn guitar next year properly)
*Love In Vein (it was either that or gay erotica, twas an easy choice)
*Zelda Guide
*Star Wars DVD Triva Game
*Both Mcfly singles
*A perdy Zelda wristband
*A perdy Nightmare band thing
*Girl, Interrupted

Didn't get any Starship Battles, cause I want the starter set.

I gotta mail some stuff later, after Simpsons.
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