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My Body Is Your Body

My Body Is Your Body
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan, others mentioned
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ryan
Prompt: wtf27 15 Hookers
Warnings: Rimming, heavy BDSM
Dedicatons: antontobias86 and shebangsthedrum for requesting
Notes: Was meant to be a standalone, but it became so long and block's annoying so I've split it and posting what I've wrote.

He was standing where he always was, the same old street corner. He wore a brown t-shirt that was probably two sizes to small for his body. The pair of jeans he wore rode low on his hips and, combined with the smallness of the tee, showed off some of his stomach as well as the start of his hips. He always looked the same, only the t-shirt's colour changed. I walked over to him, the sound of my footfalls clearly reaching his ears as he turned to gaze directly at me. His beautiful face filled with fear.

Fear was always a good thing for someone like him to have. "Where's Brendon?"

He nodded to the shadows behind him, not saying a word. As I headed to where he nodded, I noted that he was scanning the street, clearly wishing that someone else would come and have him instead of me. Of course, no one would come for him. Brendon was leaning against the wall as I approached him, a lit cigarette between his midnight black lips. He wore all black, to blend into the shadows, and a thin line of black eyeliner around each eye. "Ah, Ryan. Good to see you again."

"You too Brendon." Often I wondered exactly how he'd become a pimp. To look at him you'd just assume he was one of the whores that lined these streets. He once told me a guy tried to proposition him. He responded by promptly kicking him in the balls.

"I'm guessing you're wanting Spence again." Although Brendon had several whores on this corner, most of which were already rented out, I always and only wanted Spencer. Sure, the others were attractive enough, especially the one with long hair and the one with the bright red in his fringe. Still, they were in higher demand then Spencer, even if I cared to want them.

"As always." I nodded with a slight smile.

Brendon took a drag on his cigarette, breathing the smoke out into the cold night air before regarding me carefully as if considering something before he spoke. "I should really give you a discount, the amount of times you come and have him."

"It's up to you. He's your property after all." Which was, of course, true. Sure, I wouldn't mind paying less but Spencer was worth whatever price he wanted.

"You want him for the night?" I nodded, having him overnight everytime I had him. "Right..." He looked thoughtful once again, blowing out another cloud of smoke from between his dark lips. "$500 and you can do whatever the fuck you want to him." Wow, normally it was twice that much. I reached into my jacket pocket, bringing out my wallet and opening it as he continued. "Just be sure you mark him good, the other guys that have him like the damaged look."

"Thanks." I smirked, pulling out the bills from my wallet and placing them in his open, outstretched palm. Absently I wondered exactly who the other guys were, but I knew I couldn't ask, even though I wanted to. "And don't worry, I'll mark him alright." I replaced my wallet in my pocket and glanced over my shoulder at Spencer, who'd left the corner and come closer, clearly to listen in to our discussion. He looked afraid, moreso then before.

"He's all yours, I'll come pick him up in the morning."

"Of course." Turning away from Brendon I smirked at the whore, walking towards him. "You heard him, come with me." He merely nodded and followed me as I led the way to my parked car, which I'd parked further down the street. Pulling out my keys I inserted them into the lock at rear of the car, popping open the trunk. "Get in." He let out a soft sigh and climbed inside, curling up in the small space. He was used to it now.


I opened the trunk once we'd arrived at my house. He was as I'd left him, curled up in a ball. He was so beautiful, so helpless and worthless. The best part was though, he knew it. He knew exactly where he'd ended up in life and there was nothing he could do about it. "Get out." He nodded and stepped out, not saying a word. I slammed it shut, leading him to my front door. Although he stayed silent, I knew he was afraid about what I was going to do to him tonight.

When I first knew Spencer it was at high school, where we were largely indifferent to each other. We moved in different circles to each other and were in different classes most of the time. Back then I thought he was kind of attractive, but I was too shy to say anything. Things changed when it came out I was gay. Well, I didn't so much as come out, so much as was caught sucking Matt Tuck's cock. Of course, he didn't get teased because of it, whereas I did. Spencer was the actually the one who, not only caught us, but also initiate most of it.

Funny how things change.

We were inside now and he stood in the middle of the living room. His fingers played with the bbottom of his t-shirt for a moment, before he silently pulled it up over his head, revealing his torso. He had a strange beauty to him, which was why I always had him. He wasn't slim, like Brendon's other whores or Matt, but it suited him. His chest was smooth and hairless, with his nipples erect from the cold. The left one had a silver hoop through it, something which I'd done during one of my first nights with him. I remembered how he screamed as the needle pierced his skin. It was more at the sight of it pushing through his soft bud though then any real pain. Real pain came later.

The tee was on the floor now, his fingertips working on unzipping and unbuttoning his jeans. He'd done this so many times before he didn't even need to be told anymore. He pushed them down his legs, revealing his bare crotch. His cock, although slightly smaller then mine, was fully hard and surrounded by dark, curly hairs. His full balls hung low beneath them a few hairs lightly dusting them. He bent down, his head obscuring my view for a few seconds as he untied his shoes, stepping out of them and his jeans once they were undone. Fully naked, he slid down to his hands and knees, just as he always did for me.

"That's a good boy, naked and on all fours just where a slut like you belongs." I slid my jacket off my arms as I finished those words, tossing it onto one of the nearby chairs. "Now, what does a slut like you crave?"

"Cock sir."

"And?" I worked on undoing the buttons of my shirt, slowly revealing my pale, creamy skin for him. I knew he was watching me, even though he kept his head down.

"Cum sir." His cheeks were flushed slightly as he spoke, though his dick visibly twitched in arousal.

"Good whore, now crawl to my room. You know the way." I smirked as he turned around, crawling away towards the bedroom, which would mean brusing his knees as he climbed the stairs. As I heard him make his way up, I unzipped my pants pushing them, along with my boxers, down to my feet. I stepped out of my slip-on shoes, leaving them with my pants in a pool on the floor as I did so. As I followed him up I remembered all the things I'd done to the little slut.

Brendon had allowed me an incredible leeway to do what I desired with him. I'd asked him why once and his answer was simple.The other boys that were his whores were pretty boys, but Spencer didn't attract as much buisness as them. In fact, including myself, only five guys had used him. Two of those had been one timers, but the other two... the 'damaged goods' look that I gave Spencer turned them on. In fact, they'd pay extra if they knew he sported scars and bruises.

I stepped into my bedroom smirking at him obediently on all fours at the foot of the bed. I walked to the bedside tble, picking up a lenght of black cord that I'd left there this morning. I'd picked it up at a hardware store a few days back. The sight of it had instantly given me an image of my favourite whore. "Hands behind you whore." He raised them from off the ground and placed them behind his back as I approached. Such a good slut. I wrapped the cord around his wrists tightly three times, bonding them together, but I wasn't finished. "Up." He leaned up, so he was now kneeling on the floor and I wrapped the cord around his chest, threading it through his nipple ring as I did so. I circled the cord around his torso, so it wrapped around his arms too, then knealt down and trailed it down his belly, grasping his cock and balls with my free hand so that I could wrap the cord around where they met his body. I bound them, like his wrists, three times, enjoying his groans. Then I trailed the remainder of the cord back up his chest, once around his perfect neck and then back to his hands where I tied teh ends together. I stepped back, taking a moment to survey my work, licking my lips lightly. "Perfect."

For a moment, I considered what to do with him first. There were so many things to choose from that it proved difficult to decide which to do first. He squirmed slightly, probably certain I was just teasing him. He let aout a squeak of pain as the cord tighten around his dick at the movement. "Stupid slut." I growled as I took a step towards him, finally deciding on what to do with him first. "On the bed." He stood, slightly shakily and unsteady, his bonded hands offering none of the usual support. Once he was up on both feet I simply pushed him back onto the bed, hearing him moan as his hands had the weight of his body on them. I pushed his body up the bed, so his head was on the pillows before mounting it. My dick pointied to the celing and the head shone with precum. I knew he was looking as I noted that he licked his lips expectantly. He wasn't going to get what he wanted just yet.

I walked across the bed until I stood before his head, then I turned and sat down, my ass covering his face. "Lick me clean whore. I've made sure that it's dirty just like you like it." It took a few moments, but after I twisted his unpierced nipple his tongue soon extended to delve inside my crack. "That's better..." I felt his slick muscle trail up and down lightly, giving my cleft an exploratory clean before the tip pressed against my dirty pucker. "Mmm... that's it..." I stroked his belly lightly as he slowly circled my tongue inside me. His tongue was certainly one of his better features, his tight little ass a close second. I made soft purring noises as it brushed against my inner walls. The sounds I made only grew louder as he scooped out the traces of shit that were still inside me, his tongue giving my crack another long lick once he'd swallowed to ensure I was clean. He leaned up slightly and his full lips planted a light kiss on my pucker, something I'd taught him early on to use as a sign that I was clean. The first few times he did it, he tried to do a rush job but he soon learned to do it right. I raised my ass slightly and reached down, running a finger along my saliva-slick cleft to make sure he'd done his job right.

When I gazed at my finger in the light all I saw was it covered in his shiny spit and nothing else. Even though I knew he'd done it right I still had to be absolutely sure, it had become a habit now more then anything. Satisfied, I stood from off the bed, gazing over his bare body. His bruises had faded since our last encounter, so his skin was now just pale and creamy with no visible spots of dark purple. I slowly walked around the bed, trailing my fingertips along his chest until they reached his erect cock. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, stroking up and down the length a few times, licking my lips as he purred at the contact. My other hand followed, only this one grasped his soft balls, rolling them between my fingers. I gazed at his face, watching intently as I tightened my grip on his shaft. At first, it only made him groans in pleasure, but after a few seconds he was struggling, crying in pain as I squeezed the delicate organ. Once he was making loud moans of pain, my other hand tightened around his soft sac. He was really squirming now, his body rolling from side to side in a vain attempt to get me off.

"Be a good boy..." I purred softly, letting go of him with both hands, hearing him pant to get his breath back. His cock and balls were now slightly purple, but by morning I knew that the colour would be practically gone. I knealt in front of the bed, reaching under it to pull out a large, black box. It was about half the width of the in each dimension and it was fitted with a combination lock on it's front to keep sealed. I twisted the four dials one by one, making sure to be precise. I found it was far simpler to have a lock like this then a key, as such a key could easily get lost or worse, found by a boyfriend that wanted to be nosy. As such, this was a far easier system for me. Once all four dials were were turned to the right set of numbers, 9287, the box clicked open.
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