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Anal sex is the best form of contraception

I think I'm starting to develope a think for Frankie again. Curse ye Famous Last Words! And toplessness.

I extended my paid account two more years. How many's the max userpics? I'm now at 164.

It's only cause I've been on a real icon making fix. I blame having block. Whenever block goes, soemthing comes up or mum calls or something so I don't get the chance to act. When I do, block returns. BAH!

*dreamysigh* Reindeer Padge= < 3

I'm going to try and write again tonight, then whatever I've got of Spencer fic'll be posted between 1 and 2am.

Tomorrow's shoping list includes Star Wars, Blender, Mcfly singles and gay porn. I'm odd.
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