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It's like an ice box here

I hate winter cause of the cold. It's shit. I'm freezing to death. I think I might drag the blankets in and build a fort.

The block went last night and I was back writing again, but what happens? I get all woozy and waddle to bed. I felt like I was gonna be sick twice, butit eventuaally went away and it's gone now. Sigh.

What's the point of Toxic? Honestly.

Tomorrow mum wants to go at 10, so I'd have to be up at 9. Too early

I'm gonna read these three fics I have open, then I'll write.

I need to smoke.

Edit: Done with said reading now.

Editted more pairings into the smut_69 thing. Why do I feel the compulsion to pair Spence with everyone?
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