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A naturally lazy person

The zombie fic finally has a pairing, so I can write it now. Huzzah! *blames icon*

Fics I'm writing:
*Untitled MCR Surgery
*My Body Is Your Body (Hooker Spencer)
*Untitled Mikey fic
*Dead! (Zombie fic)

All these have something wrote to them, so (specially hooker Spence) will get done first. Block's come back and is slowly going again.

I extended my paid account years for loyalty userpics. How many's the max? I'm on 154. Oh Well, I have loads of MCR icons up now.

I yoinked the cam, so went wild taking pics. Image intensiveness for the rest of post.

Kitty!Tom says hi!

As does Dougie

Gerard, my cuddly unicorn fwend

With Tommy

The shit tree

Starship Battles minis

Above comp

Above fire/behind tv

Other side

To the kitchen and beyond!

Wall next to comp

CD Box sets (MCR, Panic!, 30 Seconds)

Advent calandars

Twilight Princess

CARDS! < 3
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