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Dance for us

One shower, two eps of Family Guy and two hours (at least) on Empire At War and I feel a better.

I'm in the dress again, that always seems to help calm me down so does talking to babu.

I wish the Lego shop was still open in the Bullring :( I really want the knew Clone/Droid battle packs.

Panic! are oh so gay.

I love how many Doctor Who figures they're making. 4 Daleks (including the black one < 3 ) and the Genesis Ark for £30. Must find when it's out.

I hate my tooth.

Finally seeing a gay phone ad = < 3

Feel ready to have another crack at writing I do.

The mcsecretsanta that i'm meant to do hasn't been started yet. Oops. I wonder who's had the bad luck of getting me
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