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Laugh it all off in your face

How adorable is that?

Christmas is gonna be weird this year. Nan's gonna be in hospital until Feburary or March, then she's gonna be in a proper home. She's never gonna come back.

If I don't have the Wii on the day I will go crazy. It's a much needed distraction on a day that would otherwise probably upset me. It's always been the four of us, now it's just three. It won't be too long before it's not even that and then what'll it be?

On the day I won't be here, probably not on Christmas Eve either.

There's a social worker coming to talk to me about it all one of these days. I don't know when.

Mum's busy trying to reconnect with me. I'm not sure why, but she wants to spend time with me. I think that's the only reason she wants to go to Birmingham with me. Everytime I see her she wants a hug now.

It's gone by so fast hasn't it? It seems like only yesterday it was Halloween and now the year's almost over.

There's an ad with llamas on tv now. It makes me smile

I've hardly done the things I was meant to do today. I've done some to the tree and some to fic. I think I'll set up the VCR to watch Last House in my room tonight as opposed to messing in here.

Speaking of fic it's becoming long (kinda like Eddie's Song) it was meant to be a standalone but I'm pondering splitting it (like I did with Eddie's Song and I decided to leave it). Hmmm I might leave it as is and post only when it's fully done.

I've been like that a lot lately with fic. With What To Do With The Dead, I was meant to do a detah a part, but first Ian got extended to three parts (and he lived) now Ryan has too, simply cause once I write to it I write a lot, perhaps too much.

Once Ryan's done with in this part each death will be a part, two at most until the ending which is a two parter. I might fully write out both endings when it comes to that, so there'll be an alternate one. Trouble is both ending are different so I'd have to do two seperate two parts. Some things happen in both which are the same, but there's going to be enough difference to justify it if I do it.

Sigh. I'm rambling.
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