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Twas free

I went on Empire At War last night, so no finishing of fic or Last House :[ I can't resist killing people and making things go boom.

I went to bed at 6, but only cause my eyes equated to shit. I woke up to stuff being here < 3 Three lots of stuff. One of the MCR books (the updatesd one) 30 Seconds CD/DVD (ohhh shiny) and Starship Battles minis. They're so cute and tiny! I'll take pics cause they=< 33

This is the earliest I'm woke up in agess.

Llama's are love.

Going to Birmingham Friday, hope to get Blender if nothing else.

Today I'll be:
*Finishing fic
*Moving stuff about
*Setting up VCR
*Watching Last House

Why, whenever I do a post, people who aren't even on my f-list vote? Tis odd.

I had a Panic! dream and Brent hadn't exactly left... twas odd, yet hot.
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