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At it's mercy

Tonight's Torchwood was... good, better then I thought.

Ianto was in it more then normal, plus he was funny/cute always a good. 'My car keys are gone!'

At first, from the being in Asda bit I thought it'd be funny. The whole time they were in there I found it very amusing. 'Films in boxes!'

Owen is an arse. And a whore.

Tosh was hardly in it again.

The pilot chick is also a whore, but I don't fully understand why she was so desperate to go. Maybe because she realised owen was a slut. She gets used to the place then wants to just piss off.

The other chick was strange, but at least ehr story had a happish ending with her going off to London.

The old guy was the one that made me cry. When he went to see his son and found out he had Alzheimer's I cried :( It upset me so much. He was right to leave it all, and I'm glad Jack let him go.

All in all it was a good one, but I might not be able to watch it again due to the crying part.

I can't believe Gwen fesses up next week. It looks very... Owen-centric

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