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I'll pay you in cheese

Why do I feel the need to nap for hours a day? Sigh damn bed and it's comfyness.

Shopping was... well the price was in three figures and we needed two trolleys. Mum kept putting stuff in the trolley so there's loadsa crap. thankfully though, she's not coming over for days, so I have time to sortt the place out. I have doritos, cookiees, pepsi < 3 and tuna and pasta stuff so yay. I also got Matt's single.

We popped to the garden center on the way back but they ahve no bugs there:( Sigh. Even the leaf cutter ants they had going on the counter are practically gone. they were so cute too. Marching along with bits of leaf.

I WANT A BUNNY! They are so cute and hoppy hoppy hoppy!!

Spencer is hotter then Ryan who is hotter then Brendon who is hotter then Jon. End.

In conclusion Spencer is the hottest.

I killed Vaati. His second form was easier then the first by far. Minish Cap=< 3

Tuesday at 7 I'll be on Sky Three cause there's a Kylie interview. Well, the interview from Sky One.

Now to watch Futurama then write.
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