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Our worst fears hae been realised

So I went over just after 7 and they didn't come back for an hour. So, for an hour, I had fuck all to do.

That was until my gods awful uncle came just as I was about to run over and check my e-mail. He had a go at me about Danny. Well excuse me, he eats anything put in front of him in 5 seconds. Bastard. His wife was there too, I can't stand her voice, it's just... awful.

So when mum and pon do arrive, they're still there and for almost an hour all I hear is them moaning about the bad things I've done (most of which are bull anyway) and how bad nan is. Turns out she's got so bad now that she can't even walk to the wheelchair of even lift herself up. Also her bad days now vastly outnumber her good ones. Makes me glad I didn't go.

When they finally left, which couldn't come soon enough, mum just asked about money and how the state of here was. Gah why is that all that matters to her?

Bah. I hated it even more then I thought.

I'm gonna go lie down now, then return to writing to get my mind of all this crap.
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