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And you landed on a gay guy... and you did him

I think I had that dream again last night.

I've only just got outta bed (damn it and it's comfyness.. and Gerard) when I was meant to be up early cause I have lots to do today.

I've already done one of the most important things (get pepsi) cause I haven't drank in over 12 hours so I woke up parched. Of course, it wasn't smart of me to open a bottle which exploded everywhere, so had to change. Well, ttake off what was wet.

I played Zelda last night and the boss is hard. It's this pair off odd rays (the manta kind not the Toro) and one keeps shooting me, so I can't do anything. BAH!

I assigned myself MCR for smut_69 so hopefully it'll be easier then the other 3/4 ones cause with MCR I'm actively writing them.

I have two more wordpads open:
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me

Which brings the total to 15 open fics plus ficlets.

Things I'm doing today:
Decorating the Christmas tree
Doing a general tidy (ie hide amazon boxes)
Do out Dougie and Harry
Kill the two ray things
Write while block is gone

I'm sure I'm missing something too.

Anyway, all that means I won't be on AIM/MSN again for most of the day.

Then at around nineish I have to pop over to welcome mum back, but should be back after about half hour (or I'll stab myself in the eyes0.
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