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The Time Of Our Lives Part 3

The Time Of Our Lives
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Waycest, Frankie/Bob, Waycest/Frankie/Bob/Ray
POV: Frankie
Notes: Inspired by the Blender pics (one two)
Again, sorry for the late update, I promise it's worth it. (And block's gone so yay!)
Dedications: antontobias86 and everyone that's read previous parts < 333
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I turned to face our other guitarist as he slowly came towards us, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. "So, you were just all going to have sex without me?"

Mikey, the only one of us that wasn't a panting post-orgasmic mess, decided to reply, his soothing voice filling the air. "This was set up for Bob and Frankie. Besides, we didn't think you'd be interested."

"You didn't ask." Ray pushed his shirt down his arms, before tossing it aside. I gulped, starting to lift myself off Bob's cock, which was softening now up my cum filled ass. That was until i felt a strong hand on my shoulder, keeping me there. "Don't you even think of moving Iero." I turned my gaze to Mikey, who simply nodded at me to remain where I was. He went silent, then I felt something against my back, clearly his dark, curly hair. His tongue flicked out against my crack lightly, clearly seeking my hole. I let out soft moans as it found it's target pushing it's way into my hole beside Bob.

"Oh.. gods..." My hands were gripping at the sheets again, as he lapped up the cum from inside me. I was alone as Bob was groaning in pleasure too, his fingers gripping on the chain of the cuffs around his wrists.

It wasn't to last though, for, about a minute after it had started, his tongue slipped out of me and his hand pushed me forward, causing me to fall onto Bob's sweat slick chest. I rolled off him, his cock having slipped out when I fell forward and lay beside him on the bed, gazing up at Ray, whose large lips were now slightly cum stained. "I'm joining in."

"You ever had a cock up your ass?" I glanced at Mikey as he asked, the to ray for his reply.


"Ever had those sexy lips of yours around a hard, pulsing cock?" As he said those words, his tongue fluttered over his lips teasingly.


"Well then, today's your lucky day." Mikey finally moved from his place at the head of the bed, his hardness shining with precum from watching us fuck. A smirk was plastered on his lips as he made his way to where Ray stood, his slim hips swaying as he moved. "You want to join in, then get on your knees and suck my cock."

I knew Ray, not as well as Mikey, Bob or Gee, but I knew him as well as I could and it was clear to me that he wasn't normally a bottom to anyone. His answers made that painfully clear. But Mikey Way wasn't an ordinary guy. I knew there were guys that would kill to have his cock between their lips and these weren't guys like me, who'd gladly get on their knees for anyone that offered, these were guys that wouldn't normally suck dick, but they would if it was Mikey. And, as I watched Ray slide to his knees, I knew he was one too.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" One of Mikey's hands was tangled in Ray's curls, pulling him up to stand again. "Take off your pants first idiot!"

Blushing, he did as he was told, unzipping his flies and pushing them down his large hips, kicking them away once they reached the floor. His erection was straining agains this boxers, which had a stain from his precum. After a few seconds, he pushed those down as well, leaving him as naked as we were. He had quite a nice chest, no body piercings that we didn't know about and a nicely sized cock. It was a little shorter then Bob's, but definately looked thicker. Considerably thicker. I'd always expected that he was well endowed though.

His cheeks were flushed slightly, in embarrassment or arousal I wasn't quite sure, but that didn't really matter. "That's better." Mikey had stepped back for a moment to admoire his body once it was fully revealed, but now, he had his hand back on Ray's head pushing him back to the floor. Once Ray was on his knees, he spoke again, only his words came out more as a growl then before. "Suck it bitch." I watched, enthralled as he parted his large lips, to take the head of his cock between them. Mikey's hand rested on the back of his head, just holding him in place and letting him go at his own pace. Ray's palm was stroking lightly at our bassists thighs, his thumbs pressing against his balls.

I heard a soft gasp from the other side of the bed and turned to see Gee, whose fingers were wrapped around his shaft, slowly stroking himself at the sight. I was surprised by his stamina, as neither I or Bob were either fully hard again yet. "You're such a slut aren't you?"

Bob's gaze turned to stare at Gee's cock at my words, but he just smiled at us. "I'm a slut, a slut for Mikey." His thumb ran over the tip of his cock, swiping precum over the already saliva-slicked head. "he could be fucking the ugliest guy in the world and I'd still be turned on."

"I wanna be inside you...." Bob's words, not mine.

Gee bit his lower lip slightly, as if considering the prospect in his mind while still fisting his hard-on. "Sure. Frankie, uncuff him please." His fingers let go of his length, instead trailing down between his legs to his hole, two fingers disappearingm inside as soon as they got there. He certainly wasted no time. He turned to watch Ray as I reached up to uncuff Bob's wrists. Half of Mikey's cock was between his lips, the rest getting treatment from his other hand. Obviously Mikey was enjoying it from the sounds he was making, which were mostly a series of groans and moans.

With his hands free, Bob stood off the bed, turning Gee so that his head was in my lap. At first, I wondered what he was doing, but then it dawned on me. It was so he could watch. I watched as Bob parted Gee's legs, holding the base of his length with one hand so he could aim it at his hole. I stroked Gee's cheek lightly as Bob pushed inside him. He just smiled up at me, the hand that was stroking himself now clutching the bedsheets. He gently kissed my hand, then turned to watch Mikey. I knew from experience that it would be awhile before Bob shot his load again, so it didn't matter that his full attention wasn't on the pounding his ass was getting.

Mikey's grip on the curls in his fingers seemed to get tighter with each passing moment and I guessed that the youngest Way was close to orgasm. Ray's hand, that had started on his thigh, had now snaked around behind him, his fingertips running along the bassists crack. I felt my hardness return as one of those fingers disappeared between the cheeks and the way Mikey groaned made it clear exactly where it went. An even louder groan echoed around the room as a second worked it's way inside beside the second. I did a mental countdown in my head to see how long he'd last. I got to eight before hearing him moan Ray's name, his back arching as he came. My eyes were glued to the point where Ray's head met Mikey's crotch, namely Ray's lips which now had copious amounts of white fluid covering them.

"Go, taste it. Don't let it go to waste." Gee raised his head off my lap as he whispered those words, flashing me a grin before letting out a moan, no doubt as Bob hit his spot.

Not needing to be told twice, I left the bed, quickly crossing the distance to them on my hands and knees. Mikey's grip had loosened on Ray's dark locks now, pants now coming from between his lips. Ray slowly moved back off his length, his lower lip and chin covered pearly white. As soon as he was fully off the length I leaned forward, swiped my tongue over his chin to collect the salty fluid there before lapping at his lower lip. My tongue was soon within his soft, wet mouth which was sweet and salty from Mikey's load. My invading tongue clearly held dominance over his own, probably due to the attention it had paid to the dick that just vacated his mouth. We stayed with our lips on each other for several minutes, until we both parted, gasping for breath.

In between breath's he leaned forward and whispered softly in my ear. "I'm gonna fuck you."
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