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Meant for the flies

I do not doubt that Danny's mission in life is to annoy the crap outta me. He doesn't wake me up when mail comes, but he wakes me up at nothing o'cclock by whining for absolutely NOTHING!


Block did finally go (a considerable amount spread over several fics is testiment to that) but babu called and by the end of it I needed to rest my back so... sleep! Sigh.

Today I was gonna be sorting out the tree but cause a: I only woke up properly half hour ago and b: block's still gone, I'll be doing it tonight.

Hence, consider me offline until stuff gets posted. If anything's important then e-mail me instead of MSN/AIMing me. (E-mail's in the info).

Block has gone for (and thius will be done first):
The Time Of Our Lives
Hooker Spencer
What To Do With The Dead

The Surgery fic just needs, mostly, fleshing out (although what I have so far is almost three print-out pages long allthough cause it's a lot of talking I don't like it hence the fleshing out). However, the thing with that is that it's not as.... gory as the dream it was based on and, so far, things are different (Gerard's torso isn't gonna be cut open and Mikey is going to be forced to watch, he'll be doing it wllingly).

Once those are done the priority is as follows:
Hard Slammin
Deaf And Dumb
The Hunt
Other dream-based fic
Billy cross dressing
Zombie fic

Gerard Way will hump anything I bet Mikey was jealous.

Babu's card arrived today. It's big and sweet and SHINY! < 333
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