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Sleep in my clothes

Sleeping in daylight causes weird dreams. However it was weird and kinky so I'll be ficcing it at some point. I've got the baseline noted down, oddly it means one of the to-do pairings now has a plotline. Woo. I'm reading up on what'll be in it.

The Panic! boxset is pretty and feels like it's from another time. I'm sure it's what was intended. I'm watching the dvd later/tomorrow.

The Minish Cap=cute.

The NME MCR calandar has Waycest. Mikey's pressed up against Gee.

Dougie and Harry are squeaking madly.

Right, I have a teensy problem with Christmas cards. As in I don't think I have enough/any at all. Therefore I'll make people ones on PSP and e-mial them so leave your e-mail if you want one.

Coupling's on now so I'm watching it. Tis funny.

Block's gone hooray!
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