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CSI: Winter Wonderland

Before I start: WTF has happened to LJ's update page?

Picori/Minish are cute. Am I the only one that thinks Link/Vaati (from Minish Cap) should screw?

Last night was weird.

I was meant to stay up overnight, but at 5 I feel asleep and only woke at 10. I literally ran out to get the package. I almost got lost again (almost taking the wrong turning) but I got it. I went to Wyrley itself then, got the snowman mum sent me to pick up and the last two Disorder's and NME.

If it wasn't for the MCR calandar I wouldn't get NME. I HATE NME, partly cause I think it's shit and more so cause of it's whole 'war on emo' thing. I'm curious as to wheather they realise that it might actually make things worse on emo's/people that could be thought of as emo.

Anyway... I came back and there was only one bit of mail (the card from which the subject name comes from, it made me giggle).

I've just opened the package and it's Twilight Princess and Panic! as I expected.

The Zora Prince is sex. The Wii disc is bigger then I expected. I've skimmed through the instruction book and it doesn't look too hard. I say that now though, when the Wii is here I'll be screaming at the machine.

Oddly I expected the Panic! box to be bigger, but I shall say no more as I'm opening it and I told babu I wouldn't post out it.

Gonna finally fic today, if I haven't got some up by midnight, kick me.
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