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The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah

The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah
Pairing: Link/Sheik
POV: Sheik
Rating: PG-13ish
Notes: This is based on part of an idea I had for another fic, but cause I can't wait till I get Twilight Princess, I'm doing it now. Sorta spoilers for Ocarina/Majora's Mask
Dedications: antontobias86

I approached the clearing that was deep in the forests outside of Hyrule. I remembered when I first came here, here with him. We made love on the grass then spent the night curled up in each other's arms. We made our home a short distance from here, in a house we built together. A house that was empty now, empty and cold. I crossed the short space of the clearing towards where he was now, where he had been for years.

I remembered the day when we were here and I was dressed in his green tunic, while he was dressed in my bandages. We pretended to be each other, but it didn't last long. It had only lasted an hour before he was inside me, our clothes cast all around on the grass. We hadn't had any cares in the world. Ganon was sealed away and with him, all of his evil magic that he'd cast upon Hyrule. The dark times were over and people praised the Hero Of Time that saved them.

I remembered going into the re-built Hyrule Castle Town and seeing at least three boys called Link.

He had the sense never to re-enter the land of Hyrule. though. He knew he'd be mobbed by people who'd be praising him and Link wasn't like that. He didn't want statues built in his honor and all of the other things that would be forced upon him. He'd always desired a simple life and that was what I'd given him. It was simple, nice even. We'd go riding in the morning and pick fruit off the trees. I'd laugh at his attempts to cook, even though he tried his best he still almost set the house on fire.

Since then though, many years have passed.

I sat down in front of the slap of stone, which held a sword, now old and rusted, that had once belonged to him. Words inscribed in both ancient Hylian and Shiekah marked this as the resting place of the Hero Of Time. He'd been gone now for almost a century and even though it had been so long it didn't make it any less hard. I'd done everything I could to try and extend his lifespan, but all he magic's in Hyrule, Termina and almost a hundred other places couldn't forestall the inevitable forever. In the end he told me to stop looking, pleading wiht his bright blue eyes for me to just sit beside him, to hold him until the end came.

Then a free days I woke up and he wasn't breathing. He'd died in his sleep, in my arms, where he was meant to be. I cried for days, weeks even. My sorrow was all that filled the forest as I dug his grave, as i lowered the casket I'd built into the soil. He was gone and no one knew, no one knew but I. But that was ok, because most of the people that would have cared, truly cared, had proceeded him to the afterlife. He'd fulfilled his destiny and survived it, which is something others might not have done. He came to the edge of the world just to find me to spend the rest of his days with me, by my side, until the end.

"But it was all for nothing in the end..."

Ganon hadn't died when Link had sealed him away, he just grew in power. In the time Link had gone he'd already managed to break the seal and cause havoc. Until another hero had sealed him away. Another Link. "He looked just like you you know." I sighed softly, settling down cross-legged. "He was exactly like you. He saved Hyrule just like you did, but he hasn't destroyed Ganon completely. I fear no one wll and everything we did, everything you did, was all for nothing. I fear he'll break the seal again. But it's not my lace to do anything."

"I'm nothing without you. You've been gone for so long, yet I still feel... empty. I've just wandered these lands, I'm sure you know that. But..." tears were now free flowing down my cheeks, as they did everytime I was here. "This new you... I keep thinking about him. I want him... yet I know I was meant to be with you. Is it wrong that I want him? Is it wrong that it's because he looks like you that I do?" I sighed heavily. "I wish i knew what to do! Tell me what to do... please..."

Silence was the only thing I recieved in return.

"I wish i could be with you... I wish I could be dead... then this would all be easy..." Just as those words left my lips something happened. My red eyes left his gravestone as I looked up, a black.. opening just appearing in the sky a few meters above my head. It was a portal, but to where I coiuld not say, but it didn't look like a friendly place. Before I could collect my thoughts enough to run something extended from the opening. A long, black arm extended from the void, it's dark fingers wrapping tightly around my body. I struggled, but I knew it would be useless, so instead I screamed for help at the top of my lungs. As soon as the sounds left my lips thoguh, the hand had raised me off the floor, pulling me towards the darkness. I reached for the handle of the sword in the gravestone, but before I could even get a grip it was out of reach.

The last thing I saw of my world was Link's grave and then everything went black.
Tags: fic, link, link/sheik, sheik, slash, the legend of zelda
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