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Ok, I was gonna edit this into other psot, but I'm not gonna. (I still hate the post)

Kerrang! ramblings:
Ian's hair is weird, pretty but weird
There's an MCResque jacket on EBTM. I want but it's £50:(

the Kerrang! 2006 readers poll.

MCR won in 9 catergories as a band:
Best band
Worst Band
Best Album
Worst Album
Best Track (with Welcome To the Black Parade, Famous Last Words is at 5)
Best Video
Best Live Show
Best thing About 2006
Worst Thing About 2006

Gee is apparently happy that they won even the bad ones. He's an odd guy. It amuses me how Best and Worst albums have 4 of the same people in too.

Other MCR related wins:
Bob Bryar's Solo Project (Best Thing About 2006 at 3)
Gerard Way (Hero of 2006, also Villian of 2006, sexiest male and technically 4th in sexiest female)
Bob Bryar (Hero of 2006 at 2)
Frankie Iero (Sexiest Male at 4)

Other bands/things I care about in it:
Bullet For My Valentine (Best band at 3, best live show at 3
Panic! At The Disco (Worst band at 2, best album at 5, worst album at 2, worst thing about 2006 at 2, best new band at 2)
Lostprophets (Best album at 4, worst album at 5)
Give It A Name Festival (Best thing about 2006 at 4)
Ian Watkins (sexeist male at 2)
Matt Tuck (sexiest male at 3)
The Blackout (best unsigned band at 2)

The top 4 sexiest males should get it on. And see what I mean about the best albums also being worst? It's madness I tell thee.

The Blackout for a proper album next year!

The rest:
I'm 80% the poster of Fightstar is identical to a similar poster of them I have.
I'm sure a slasher works at kerrnang (see the Ian/wiL/Matt pic and it's caption)
Best songs of 2006 include (according to Kerrang) Rooftops, Miss Murder, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Tears Don't Fall, Welcome To The Black Parade, Call Me When you're Sober, Dance, Dance

Bullet are also 'most potty-mouthed' band < 3

Dead! is one of the best deadline songs

Next weeks sounds like this week, although it's a double issue apparently with a long list of people like MCR, Green Day, Bullet, Lostprophets, Fall Out Boy and so on.

*ponders doing a year review thing too*

I'm gonna write/play Minish Cap now which came this morning.
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