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Driving me insane

I hate the mail, once again I miss it.

Ok, I stay awake until about 8 and the post comes (again, with an oversized box for the Wii card/remote cover). So I go to bed, taking Danny with me. Now Danny will bark at even the slightest little noise so I thought I'd be alright. I have a little nap and guess what?


Another card.

Now this time, they clearly didn't even try to press the buzzer or knock loud (wboth of which would've made Dan bark like an idiot, waking me). Therefore, I'm taking up a new strategy.

Tonight I'll stay up again and, at about half 6, I'll make my way to the collection place and get the fucker myself. Out of all the amazon's it's the one I wanetd most and it was sent first, but every day they've screwed me around so... the only choice is to get it myself. By walking about half hou rin the freezing cold. BAH!

*goes to read Kerrang!*
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