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Dance for us

The poll is a bit indecisive, as three things are tied at second. That don't help me decide which to concentrate on. I'm wondering if those that voted for Hard Slammin know the exact pairing in it. Well, I say pairing I mean group.

I now < 3 a new pairing. They just keep on coming don't they?

Pulling another all-nighter, but it's weird. I haven't really accomplished anything.

Bought some Starship Battles mini's on e-bay. Hope they''ll be here by Friday.

I tweaked my userinfo (gotta edit the things I love banners to add stuff though). Found change for Kerrang! which I'll be getting after post has been, then I'll curl up in bed with my cuddly unicorn. Aka Gerard.

Just showered, which'll help keep me up.

Gonna try and write more then a line to Hooker Spencer, cause I'm waiting on the poll.
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