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A bad, bad town

I wake up at around 9:15 due to hammering downstairs. I stay in bed cause bed's warm, then fall back to sleep. I wake up now and 'something' from amazon came and was to be delivered at 9:45! GAH! Clearly they didn't ring the buzzer as it would have woke me.

Now I have to be up at 7 tomorrow to ask if they can re-deliver it then (cause I'm fucked if I'm gonna walk all that way in this cold). I'd call now, but it says on the card to leave it till tomorrow and the place I've got to call shuts at 12:15 (why, I have no idea cause I could ring now if it wasn't for those things and get it dropped off this afteroon). Bah.

It's all cause of that bloody dog, if he'd been here he'd have woke me upp but he spent alll of yesterday whining so I dropped him off across at nan's.

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