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I put my sanity in a box and forgot where i put it

Poll #256163 Fic priority question

Which fic should become my priority?

Walk Away
Make It Happen
Where You Want Me

Walk Away: Lee/Duncan, angst, other info in my post a bit ago.
Make It Happen: Lee/James, parts 1 and 2 have been posted so far
Where You Want Me: Lee/Duncan, pwp, BDSM

This poll will be running till 4pm tommorrow. The fic with the most votes will be the one I'll concentrate on.

I hate my life, now i'm ill again damnit. I'm still gonna try and go back this afternoon.

Only good thing is I'll be getting Spike dvd and Red Blooded Woman, cause I've delegated someone to it (by delegated I mean conned) :D
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