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Is this the end of the world?

I hate Danny. He keeps waking up and when I take him to pee he doesn't go. Scratch that, he does that every 5 minutes.

I watched more of the Zelda dvd thing in N Gamer, cause he woke me up. Once again I say that it's an amazing game. Five things struck me this time (and finally I find a flaw):
*The water effects are absolutely amazing. Link+water=love
*It's so much bigger then ocarina's Hyrule
*Wolf!Link can latch on to enemies and 'tear oout their hearts' (though it's actually souls he's ripping out)
*The spinner thing, which I at first thoought would be a bit dodgy, is actually brilliant and I love it. It sorta reminds me of Sonic
*The one flaw is (most likely) a translation thing. When you change back rom wolf!Link to human Link it says 'Transform to human'. Link isn't human, he's Hylian! Look at the ears!

Of course, the main annoying thing was the voiceover guy on the dvd. Ok, so he can't remember Saria's (from Ocarina) name, that's forgiveably. But when he calls the clawshot a hookshot that's annoying. His worst (and most annoying, so annoying I screamed at the tv) thing was calling Link's slingshot a catapult. Link's slingshot is HANDHELD a catapult is a large, fixed structure that's often bigger then a person.

What the hell is wrong with him?


Tuesday I'm watching the Royal Variety. For the most part it seems as dodgy as recent years seem to have been, but Captain Jack's gonna be singing so watch I will.

Now, though I'm gonna go back to bed cause it's warm, then sort out dvds and write as always.

Edit: I'm now done with the dvds. It took me an hour and a half.

Next time I go away I'm barricading the door so she can't fuck everything up again.
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