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A bad bad man

Note to mum: telling me credit card details isn't a good idea. I've restarted amazon and bought stuff:[

It's important stuff too though!

...ok it's not, but some of it is.

Things I got:
2 MCR books
2 of the 30 Seconds special edition album with the dvd
The Kill single
The Panic! collectors box
Twilight Princess
A wii remote cover
The Wii points card for downloads

2 of those are babu's and Twlight Princess is super duper important and I was promised it anyway so...

Twilight and Panic! are being prepared for dispatch and are COMING TOGETHER. When that package comes I will explode with hapiness.

I wish LJ would let you have more icons. I've just made a wholeeee bunch. *uploads them to writing jourrnal*
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