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Cause I See You Lying Next To Me Part 2

Cause I See You Lying Next To Me
Pairing: Sykecest (Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes)
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Bring Me The Horizon
Notes: Title from Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance, the song is House Of Wolves also by My Chemicaal Romance
Warnings: Bondage, incest
Dedications: antontobias86, though mostly for Janey et Caitlynne
Part 1

"What the fuck are you doing in my fucking bed?" Those were the angry words that stirred me from my slumber. I was still half asleep as I heard more yelling, which I was sure was directed at me. "And why the fuck are you naked?"

"Huh? Oli I..." It all hit me at once then. Last night, being fucked by my brother in this bed, having his fingers dig into my hips while he sprayed inside me... As my eyes readjusted to the light I saw him, still naked and standing at the end of the bed. His face was clearly filled with rage.

"Well? Aren't you going to answer me?" I tried to open my mouth but no words came out. He didn't seem to need any though. "Did you plan on fucking me you little slut? Hmm?" At this his hand reached behind him and I knew he was checking his hole. "Seems like you didn''t, so give me an explanation."

I looked at the floor and whispered softly, unable to look at him. "You... you fucked me."

"What was that?"

"You fucked me Oli! Your huge cock was pounding into my ass making us both moan so loud your neighbours probably heard!!" It all came out louder then I expected and I hoped that he would remember.

He growled in response and circled the bed until he was beside me, looming over me. "Roll over."

"Oli... I..."

"I said roll over cunt! Get on your stomach now!" I did as I was told, knowing better then to argue with him. He was definately stronger then me and could beat the crap out of me if he wanted. "Better." He roughly grabbed my wrists and put them behind me behind my back, his other hand fumbling in a drawer until he pulled out a length of rope. "Ah, there you are." He grabbed my ankles, folding them up so they met my hands. Then the rope was wrapped around them all tightly and I knew I'd get rope burns. He hissed as he finished tying it, moving back to the dawer and pulling out a ball gag. "You're lying. You're just a fucking perv that dreams of me pounding at your little asshole. You probably just came in, saw me naked and decided to have a quick wank hmm?" I opened my mouth to respond, but the gag was forced between my lips before I could say anything, the straps wrapped around my head and pulled tight, the straps digging into my face as he buckled them. "You're going to think about what you've said while I take a fucking shower..." He let out a louder growl then before as he noticed that my dick was erect. I hadn't even realised it had hardened. "If that prick of yours is still hard when I come back, you little perv, I'll rape the shit out of you. Understand?" I nodded as best I could, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "Good."

He left my eyeline and I heard him leave the room. A few seconds later I heard him turn the shower on. Fuck. He'd clearly forgotten last night. I knew I was fucked. The thoughts of last night, combined with the image of him naked and wet only made my length ache more. When he returned he'd see my cock harder then before and part of me even wanted him to rape me as he said. Ok, scratch that, it wasn't a part of me, it was all of me.

I hadn't even realised Oli had returned until I felt a wet hand slap my ass. "Still hard eh slut?" I felt his hand reach between my legs to make sure I was, his wet fingers wrapping themselves around my rock hard length. I let out a loud groan against the gag, pushing my hips against his touch. "I must really turn you on then, huh, whore?" I whimpered against the gag, nodding as he removed his hand. "Well, doesn't change what I said I'd do to you." I watched from the corner of my eye as he crossed the room to the stereo, his fingers dancing over the buttons to turn it on. "Now, to make sure no one can hear you when I take that gag off you..."

A drum beat filled the air, other instruments joining it within seconds as Oli dropped the towel that was around his waist to the floor, his wet hardness sticking out straight from his body.

Well, I know a thing about contrition,
Because I got enough to spare
And I'll be granting your permission,
Cause you haven't got a prayer

He placed a hand on each of my ass cheeks, using them to pull them apart so he could get a clear look at my hole. Not wasting any time, I heard and felt him spit at my pucker twice.

Well I said hey, hey hallelujah,
I'ma come on sing the praise,
And let the spirit come on through you,
We got innocence for days!

His head pressed against my now-wet arsehole, making it clear that he wasn't going bothering to prep me with even a single finger. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, biting my lower lip hard to surpress the pain I knew was coming. He thrust his hips forward, burying his leaking head inside me, the rest of his length forcing it's way inside me soon after. I let out a scream of pain, but wasn't sure if he heard over the music. He let out loud groans of pleasure, which I could only just hear as his cock, lubed with the shower water and saliva, filled me completely.

Well, I think I'm gonna burn in hell,
Everybody burn the house right down

He dug his fingernails into my asscheeks as he pulled his rod out, slamming it back inside me harder once it was out almost all the way. The noises I made were between moans and screams. Even though he was being rough and hadn't properly readied me, his length still hit my spot making me writhe in pleasure under him. While last night had been absolutely amazing and I'd remember it forever, I knew that I'd want to erase today from my mind once it was all over.

And say, ha,
What I wanna say,
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave,
Tell me I'm a bad man,
Kick me like a stray,
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave

Every line meant another thrust and each time he seemed to get just a little faster, just a little rougher. His nails scratched at my soft skin as he pounded away, his sweat dripping onto my back, mixing with my own. He laid his chest against my folded legs, growling against my skin as he bit into the back of my neck. The weight of his body forced my bent legs closer to my own. "You feel so good slut... maybe I'll make this a regular thing."

(Yes I am, uh yes I am,
Yes I am, uh yes I am,
Yes I am, uh yes I am,
Yes I am, uh yes I am)

His words made my body tremble, though I wasn't sure if it was out of fear or if I was actually glad he'd be fucking me again. I pressed my hips forward, my own weeping hardness rubbing against the bedsheets. As much as I knew that I wasn't meant to get off on this I still did and just... couldn't help myself. The feeling of his hard cock thrusting and pulsing inside me, hitting my spot with every other thrust was just too good not to feel any pleasure.

You play ring around the ambulence,
Well like you never gave a care,
So get the choir boys around you,
It's a compliament I swear

I squeezed my eyes shut, letting out low groans of pleasure as his tongue trailed across my neck, followed by his teeth nipping at my skin. Although his thrusts were rough and hard, his biting had changed and become less painful. Like he wasn't so much hurting me as to marking his territory instead. "Mmm... definately going to screw you again dear brother."

And I said, ashes to ashes, we all fall down,
I wanna hear you sing the praise,
I said, ashes to ashes, we all fall down,
We got innocence for days!

He snaked one of his arms around me, his fingers rubbing my thigh. "We're going to have make an arrangement." His fingers trailed up, running through my curly pubic hairs and over my heavy balls until they reached my dick. They wrapped around the length, slowly starting to tug on my length. "Do you know this song bitch?"

Well, I think I'm gonna burn in hell,
Everybody burn the house right down

I nodded as best I could in response, wondering why he wanted to know. "Good..." He purred softly in my ear, his other hand trailing up and down my left side. "When it reaches the 'Go! Go! Go!' I want you to cum all over the bedsheets. Understand?" I managed another nod and that was the last thing he said. Clearly he'd returned all his energy to ramming inside me and stroking my cock.

And say, ha,
What I wanna say,
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave,
Tell me I'm a bad man,
Kick me like a stray,
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave

I knew I was close, but I also knew I had to hold back. Who knows what he'd do to me if I didn't cum exactly when he wanted? I bit my lip hard, squeezing around him. By the sounds he was making I knew he was close too.

You better run like the devil,
Cause they're never gonna leave you alone!

His fingernails dug into my side, scratching at my skin, sure to leave marks.

You better hide up in the alley,
Cause they're never gonna find you a home!

His tongue snaked out ove rmy skin again and I could feel him expand within me slightly, the pace of his hand around me increasing slightly.

And as the blood runs down the walls,
You see me creepin up these halls

"Are you ready bitch? I'm gonna fill your whorish ass with my cream soon." I could only moan and make a weak nod.

I've been a bad motherfucker

He let out a howl of pleasure against my ear, filling my hole up just as he said he would. Spray after spray of his cum coated my insides.

Tell your sister I'm another

The feeling off his cum, especially as the first few sprays hit my spot cause me to spasm and, just as before I was meant to cum, I shot my load over the bed.

Go! Go! Go!

And I said, say,
What I wanna say
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave.
Tell me I'm a bad man,
Kick me like a stray.
Tell me I'm an angel,
Take this to my grave.

Tell me I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
Tell me I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
Tell me I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
Tell me I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
So get up!
So get out!
Yes I am, yes I am!

The song stopped and filled the room the room with silence for a few seconds before the drumbeat started again. Clearly he'd put the one song on repeat, probably not intending or expecting to cum as fast as he did. he was on the bed beside me now, panting softly and possibly too drained to stand, cross the room and stop the music. His hands were now at my ankles, untying the rope that held my hands to them. As he tossed the length away I realised that this would be the appropriate time to escape. Instead I laid my legs against the bed, doing the same with my arms. Truth was, I didn't want to run, even after this. I turned to face him, gazing at his sweat-covered face.

"You were good." It was almost a murmer, but I could still hear it.

"So were you."

There was another pause of silence between us, the only sounds in the room the music and our breathing. That was until, almost-absently he picked up the remote for the cd player from the beside table and stopped the music. That's when he decided to speak up. "I want it to be an arrangement. Us fucking, whenever I want. And no one else is to know."

I nodded slowly, not even thinking to consider it. I knew this was what I wanted.

"Good, just remember, your cock is not going anywhere near my asshole."

"I never said I wanted it to." I replied truthfully, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind once.

"Good, just so we know where we stand."

Another long silence, until I broke it. "Can I cuddle up to you?"

"Sure, whatever." He raised his arm up and I snuggled up against him, his arm falling against my back. I felt safe against him now, like I had when we were both small. Next time I gazed at his face, he was already asleep. I smiled to myself, planting a light kiss on his skin.

"Thank you Oli."
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/tom sykes, slash, tom sykes
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