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Well I'm afraid that I lost myself

Look how pretty though I just know I'd try to eat them and break my teeth.

MCR are funny especially Bob and Frankie. And OMG all of them manage to talk. Frankie does enjoy flailing his arms about, so everyone just copies him.

It's Wii launch date, so I'm staying in cause I'm grumpy about not getting it. So I stay in and read aout what it can do. Real smart move self.

Note to N-Gamer: MCR isn't one person and Gee's hair isn't silver it's platinum blonde.

Incest technically isn't illegal. (Unless of course one's underage.) The more you know.

Every few minutes something beeps. I wanna know what it is.

Things to do (today/tommoroww):
*Post said writings
*Set up Gamecube
*Play on Ocarina Of Time
*Sort out DVDs

(Within the next week):
*Set up Christmas tree
*Find Christmas cards
*Send Janeyfers Kerrangs
*Sort out Job Center crap
*Get Rock Sound
*Find Blu tack

I'm pondering doing a poll to know which fics to focus on after tonight. Any preferences?
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