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Arrest this man

I'm searching for a timeline to the Zelda games for a fic that babu's given me an idea for. i've found three... but all are different. Sigh.

Speaking of Zelda in N-gamer there was a dvd and it's got loads of Twilight Princess on it. it is brilliant, so goregous and now I finally know what the new Zora look like: pretty, just as I thought.

I hate the voiceover guy on it though.

I'm almost done with cause I See You Lying Next To Me, so I'll fini that tonight, then do the high priority fics.

Yoinked from brokenxheartsxx
Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2006 (not including memes of course). Post the first paragraph/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your "Year in Review".




It's almost 12: 30.

Only just woke up.


Strange what can trigger memories. I was in Pizza Hut for a belated anniversary dinner and gazed at the centerpiece thing, you know, the thing that has the salt and that. Staring at it, I remembered when I'd been in Walsall with Rob and we concluded that the four shakers were salt, pepper, veryveryvery grated cheese and poison. Naturally I went back to regressing over the whole, wonderful day that that was.


I hate today. April bloody fools day. Thussly it meant being woke up by mum yelling that kitty!Tom had been hurt, then me coming in and seeing he was fine. Gah. Leastt he was ok.


I'm back from my mad journey/adventure.

A proper post will be soon once I've got picture's loaded/eaten/drank/finished goin through friend's list. KTHXBYE

June (the only one that's not from the 1st of the month)

Seems like I have no less then 4 signings this month. All at Birmingham's HMV.

6th: Fightstar
13th: Duncan James
28th: Lostprophets


Almost everything is packed now. Things not packed: food, drink, device (cause I'm gonna load fics to it) notepad, wires and cd player. I still have no idea where my Waste A Moment dvd is, which annoys me cause it's cool. I'm gonna do a last sweep before I do


Mum got a another guinea pig and put it with Harry. Harry humped him. I shall call him Dougie
< 33


Didn't wake up till late today, even though the postman came and pressed the door buzzer :[


I'm being dragged to a horrible, boring and monotonous bear show. Prey for my soul-like thing.


It was too cold for me to spend any length of time outside in the outfit, but here are pics. No eyeliner for me, my eyes flutter too much when babu tried to put it on. But before all that, pics of Sunday including the Dalek cake.


It's weird. Leaving's weird. I don't know what I was more sad over though: what I was leaving behind or what I was coming back to.
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