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We're not fussy

Lostprophets was tonight, hence this post being about it.

Wolverhampton is cold. Wind is evil. I sttill can't find Blender. I have two new Wii magazines, both which have given Zelda 97%, woo!

These jeans must never be worn outside without a belt again.

Onto the gig. No From First To Last. No idea why, though rumours abound of Sonny's voice fucking up again. It seems to be going around. Instead though, we got The Blackout (which is odd cause I thought how great it would be to see them again then bam it happens).

All three frontmen Sean, Oli and Ian, seem to have picked up a habit of swinging their mikes around and catching them. Tis cool.

I got a t-shirt and gloves from merch, then sat in the hall against a wall (I stood against the wall for the whole show). Next gig I'm taking my MCR bag, cause it gives me freedom of movemnt. My camera died as The Blackout came on:( sob. They were brilliant. Their set though, had four especially brilliant parts:
The first was when Sean said check us out on wwwwww.myspace.com/theblackout (he really used that many w's) and said comment and that they didn't mind naked pictures. Boy or girl. ('We're not fussy') His exact folowing words were 'Willy or muff (I think it was that) it's all the same in the end'. He's a whore and a bi one.
Second was when tehy did it's high Tide Baby and Ian came on to sing! I didn't think he would, but I'm glad he did. Squealing ensued.
Third was he worked some Madonna into a song. I can't remember the line he added now, but I'm sure I will.
Forth was that they'd 'follow Lostprophets anywhere, even if they don't want us to.' That reeks of him being Ian's lapdog.

Sean rotating hips=sex

Then they went:( They're destined for big things I feel.

After awhile Bring Me The Horizon came on. Now, the crowd were devided. Half the crowd hated them, half loved them. I was in the middle. When Oli spoke I couldn't understand a word he said. Maybe it was his accent or the mike's being odd, I have no idea.

Oli moved around like a hamster on sugar for the first few songs.

I'll reserve judgement on them.

After a wait, Lostprophets came on. They were amazing and they had bright, annoying lights. Ilan's hair seems to be more Ray-like now, or maybe it's cause of how he drums.

Ian=a whore. Ok, so we knew he was anyway, but tonight he was. He seemed flirty with lee, but was especially flirty with one of the guitarists (for some reason I want to say Stuart, though it moght've been Jaime). Once he wrapped an arm around his shoulder, then later he faux-madeout with him.

The cutest thing happened after he said that the auidence was the most important people there. He turned to Ilan and said 'apart from you Ilan'. AWWW!

He's brilliant though, fun and cute in a christmas hat. He's like Matt in that he seems really proud of his Britishness and especially his Welshyness. Twas a great show, though I wish they'd played Allways All Ways. Sean joined them onstage during one of the last songs and I didn't notice util halfway through< 3

I got a poster outside, then my phone died, then I missed the train home (oh the irony). so I had to call up my aunt to pick me up. The joys of freezing my ass off in the cold. Sigh.

Onluyon the way back did i realise why some of the Lostprophets tee's had scorpions on.

All in all a good night. Plus now I have gloves.

Remind me never to go to another gig in December.
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