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The jungles of Wales

I'm so glad tomorrow I'll be able to sleep till lunchtime like I used to. I hate making up to whing and not being able to stop it no matter what I do to try.

Although this morning I was woke up by the postman, which when you're bedroom is as far away from the front door as possible and you're a guy in a dress is very annoying. Especially as he manages to get the thing in through the letterbox by the time I'm almost at the door.


I didn't even bother seeing what it was until an hour later. Tis The last House On The Left vid that llprincesskimll sent. The card = prettys, thankiee!

I'm gonna make another card post, as aol managed to put some of the e-mails as spam (and I accidentally deleted them, oops) so... that'll be tomorrow.

Got Kerrang today.

There's Panic! on the front. Spencer looks evil. Ok, so Brendon looks moire evil but it's Spencer I'm drawn to. (Simply because my order of Panic! is Ryan with make-up, Spencer, Ryan without make-up and facial hair, Jon/Brendon) Brendon and Jon are pretty much interchangable in my liking of them, much like Tom and Dougie, cause sometimes Jon can look really hot. Like those pics with Pete where Pete's on his knees with his mouth open. Ok, I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

Ian was apparently raised by wolves in the 'jungles of Wales'. Then he poses the question of what's the difference between jungles and forests. He's strange.

Of course, with them on the cover, there's a Panic! interview. I'm lazy of course, so i'll just stare at te pictures and provide some sort of commentary. The most importat thing to say is this: RYAN LOSE THE FACIAL HAIR! It's strange enough how deep his voice is, but facial hair? Nooo. It doesn't suit him at all. Most of the other pics are of Brendon. In all of them he manages to look evil. While Ryan looks surprised and Spencer and Jon look cute. Flip the page over and Ryan has make-up again and all is right with the world.

There's also a little graph, which is odd cause I don't think I've ever seen a graph in Kerrang. It basically has 6 albums from this year amd says how much they've sold. (Personally I think the choices are odd cause some have been out weeks, whille others have been out months). basically, Panic!'s album is joint second with The Black Parade, while The Open Door has sold a million more. I'm surprised that Lostprophets has only sold a third as much as those two, though it may just be the graph's fault for having 3 big numbers that make the other 3 look small by comparison.

The massive MCR poster is pretty and already on the wall all the others I can't be bothered with, cause I don't care about em.

Just after the posters, there's a thing about Guitar Hero. Normally I'd just flip over and not really care, but it has a pic of Matt and Padge and the first two words of the article are Bob Bryar. (Oh how I wish it had been Jay instead of Padge in said pic, though that may have resulted in death by squeal). So I tear my eyes away from the pick of Matt with his mouth wide open and one hand in a fist to actually start reading. Who'd have thought Bullet, Panic! and MCR would be mentioned in the same article? Even though I can't see Bullet's name in the actual thing... Anywayy it says (about Bob) hat he had to be prised away from the game case he was kicking Ray's arse at it. Then of course there's him saying about 'standing with my legs really far apart'.

The rest of it isn't that interesting, bar pics of Mark and Gee, until the next issue. I voted some in the Kerrang poll *hopes who I voted for (read as MCR) win*. Hasn't that Fightstar pic already been a poster? It ahas hasn't it? So why's it being done again? Hmmm... least it hasn't got Omar with the dodgy hair, which is a plus.

Ok, I've rambled for long enough now. I'll go off to write for an hour+ then get ready to go.

Does anyone have the Taking Back Sunday album that they'd care to send me? Or any of Gazette's?

I leave you with my final thought: Who do you think Ian looks like in my icon?
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