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Hope floats, or does it sink?

Yay second fic part down.

The ones that'll be done by Friday
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me [Part 2] - Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes
Deaf And Dumb [Part 2] - Frankie Iero/Pete Wentz/?? (Frankie gets blindfolded by Pete and bukkaked by other boys [Other boys: ??])
Ficlet (Keyword: Lapdance poll) - Billy Martin/Ryan Ross
The Time Of Our Lives [Part 3] - MCR orgy
What To Do With The Dead [Part 8] - Mikey Way/Ryan Ross
Untitled - Jared Leto/Travis Barker
Untitled (Cross-dressing) - Billy Martin/??
Untitled (VBP) - ??/??

Still need to definately decide the ??'s

After getting to the Water Temple on Ocarina, I'll do the two Link fics (with Dark!Link and Morpha, cause that's where they both are).

I'm now starting to get psyched for Give It A Name 2007.

Any of these would be good, most would be brilliant. Some of these are rumoured to be on the list anyway.

30 Seconds To Mars
Bullet For My Valentine
Dir En Grey
Fall Out Boy
From First To Last
Good Charlotte
Matchbook Romance
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
The Academy is...
The Blackout
The Used

Now, you may scoff at that, but most of them have been at the same place as each other before (FFTl and Lostprophets, MCR and The Used, Bullet and Fightstar) so I shall cross my fingers and hope.

The likelyhood of at least 3 of those being there is quite high anyway.

And yes I have seen MCR countless times but damnit I will always want to see them.
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