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What To Do With The Dead Part 7

What To Do With The Dead Part 7
Pairings: Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Author Notes: Sorry for the super-duper massive delay. Block, being away from home, yada yada.
Warnings: Gore, blood, bondage
Dedications: antontobias86 for making this pretty Ryan manip to go with the fic
Part 1: Brother, My brother
Part 2: Gerard's Room
Part 3: It's been one week...
Part 4: The Exhibit
Part 5: 'If you live or die'
Part 6: Too Pretty
Part 7: Bloody, like a whore should be

"How about we take this up to your room?" Ryan's voice disturbed my thoughts, thoughts of his body all broken and bloody. In the space of a few seconds I'd decided exactly what I wanted to do to this boy, which parts I wanted to remove and devour in front of him and which parts to keep forever as decoration. Of course as soon as I saw him I knew I wanted his head, but now I knew what else I wanted to do.

"Yeah sure, why not." I smiled down at him as I stood up, watching him as stood beside me, his pretty body covered head to toe in sweat. "Follow me." I led him back into the hallway, turning my head back to make sure he was behind me before ascending the stairs. I opened the door to my room and ushered him inside before slamming him back against the door, using his body to close it as I kissed him hungrily. Unlike Gerard's room, my room was rather a mess. Various power tools and knives were scattered over the floor. After using them on my brother's body, and to set up the sheves for his organs, I'd just thrown them all in here. I hadn't slept in here since then, always prefering the comforting smell of death in Gerard's bed. My tongue forced it's way back into Ryan's mouth, but met little resistance, just as I expected. His tongue slowly circled around mine, clearly content to let me take complete control of him. He was a fool really to give in so easily, and a pretty one at that. I smirked against his parted lips as it became clear to me that he was practically begging for death, even if he didn't realise it. It was in the way he looked, the way he dressed and, especially, in the way he gave into me so easily. Someone was going to have killed him at some point of other, I was just glad it would be me.

As our lips left each so we could gasp for air, he finally registered his surroundings. "What's with all the tools?"

I stepped back and pushed my glasses up my nose with a small smile. "Just a bit of DIY." He nodded, seemingly failing to have noticed the various blood-stained knives I'd left on the floor too as he made his way to the bed. With a smile he climbed onto the matress and laid on his back, making a soft moan.

"This bed's so soft..." He purred as he stretched out over it, spreading his arms and legs as he did so.

I nodded in response, my eyes scanning his gorgeous body again for a few moments before I spoke again. "Tell me Ryan, do you like bondage?"

He gazed at me and nodded, his smile growing wider. "Sure. You just keep surprising me Mikey." He lifted his arms over his head, so they were up against the bed's headboard.

I smirked slightly and picked up a length of rope from amongst the tools. "And why's that?"

"The way you look... I never thought you'd be all kinky. Guess looks really can be decieving huh?" I nodded in reply, smiling for him as I stepped carefully to his side. "Well, tonight I'm all yours."

Such a giving little slut. I tied his wrists to the headboard quickly and securely, knowing he'd never leave this bed in one piece. "Then tonight's my lucky night." He nodded in reply and parted his legs.

"Not as lucky as mine."

He's such a fool. I reached down, wrapping my fingers around a screwdriver, then climbed on the bed between his legs. "Close your eyes sweet thing." He did so without protest, instantly blinding himself to my actions. "Keep your legs open now." As if he needed telling to do that, I'm sure he would've kept them wide even if I'd said nothing. "Good boy." I pressed the screwdriver between his cheeks, finding his hole quickly so I could ram the tool inside him. It wasn't hard to find it as it was still wide open and weeping my seed. I smirked positioning it at his entrance then looking at his angelic face as I slammed the tool into him.

His eyes shot open and he screamed. "Holy fuck Mikey! What the hell..."

"I'm lubing you up." I replied simply, as I wiggled it about inside him, hearing muscle tear and watching as blood oozed out of his puckered hole. "I like to fuck bleeding bitches you see. Blood really does it for me. By the end of tonight you'll be covered in it Ryan. But you won't be around to see it all." His eyes grow wide at my words and he tried to struggle, but that just made the screwdriver tear him up even more which made his screams fill the air around us. "Are you quite finished struggling now whore?" He stilled now, maybe realising that his movements only caused him more damage. I waited to make sure he had stopped moving completely and slowly removed the screwdriver. With it came some Ryan's blood and flesh as well as my cum from earlier. I gazed at it, completely mesmorised as I licked my lips. "I wonder though, if you'll feel any pleasure as I fuck you. Did I piece your whoreish g-spot? Or should I jam the screwdriver in again just to be sure?"

"N... no..." He was whimpering, trembling slightly now. He was afraid, terribly afraid and it made me hard as a rock.

"Oh I think I will. You can't gain any pleasure from your last fuck alive can you?" I bent down, gazing into his blood-filled hole intently. It was so beautiful, so perfect and read. Much better then the pink it was before. "Needs another jab I think." I aimed the screwdriver again, more carefully this time though. Even though his hole was bloody I guessed I could still skewer his spot. It was essentially in the same place for all guys and I'd found my brother's fairly easily. Only differences were this time were Ryan was alive and I was going to destroy instead of eat it. I thrust it inside him again, his renewed screams music to my ears. I hoped every boy I destroyed would be as vocal as he. A wild scream escaped his lips which I gathered meant I'd hit it. "Ah, I must have got it this time." I yanked the screwdriver out quickly, the flesh on it's tip this time clearly part of the small gland. I bought it to my lips, extending my tongue to taste him. His blood taste sweet, as did his soft, tender flesh. I had to be back inside him again, my raging hardness twitched desperately between my legs. I settled the screwdriver on the bed beside him and aimed myself for his bloodied pucker. His blood acted as perfect lube for my hard member as I forced my way back inside him. He was softer this time, soft and wet. I started to thrust in and out of him roughly, barely hearing his screams in pain every time I buried myself within him repeatedly. I simply groaned in pleasure with each thrust, not caring how much I hurt the little whore. "You feel so much better now, all bloody and broken." I felt his walls tear even more around me as I sped up, gripping onto his sharp hipbones and digging my nails into his skin. My eyes were locked on his pretty face, at the birds that were still there even with all the sweat that he was producing. "Tell me whore, why aren't the birds smudged like they should be?"

"They... they're tattoos..." He finally managed out, after roughly three attempts at speech. All of which had given away to sounds of pain of varying intensity.

"Interesting... well, least it means your head will stay pretty forever. Especially once it's parted from your body." Every other word was punctuated by my hips slamming against his body and another moan of pain escaping his lips. I'd never met anyone with a facial tattoo before, but then again, I never thought anyone would have one. I gazed down at him, my eyes fixed on his own orbs, which were clouded with fear.

"Wh... why are you doing this?" Apparently though, his fear had given way to curiosity, perhaps to understand my motives and twist them to prolong his life or to escape altogether. Still, he deserved an answer, even though it wouldn't help him in the slightest.

"Because you're too pretty to live and I do so enjoy destroying what's beautiful." I arched my back, the renewed terror that filled his eyes coupled with the feeling of his flesh and blood around my cock set me off. I spasmed, shooting my hot load deep inside his damaged passage, hearing him scream in pain once more as I moaned in pleasure. Of course, he hadn't cum, but I hadn't expected him too. It didn't matter anyway, soon all of his cum would be in my belly anyway. I slowly removed my softening cock from inside his bloody hole, standing beside the bed to gaze over him. "Now, to start said destruction."
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