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Now that I'm awake

Why is there nothing good on tv anymore? Bar Torchwood, Most Haunted and The Simpsons the weeks Tv is mostly shit, especially when half the channels have crappy quiz things on. I remember when every weekday there'd be two Simpsons episodes followed by Farscape, Buffy, one of the Star Trek's or something equally as good.

Then on Friday's there'd be Will And Grace, Saturday's would have Popworld (with Simon) and Sundays would have... well Sundays had something, I just can't recall it.

Now Tv's shit. Of course, Torchwood makes up for it, but it leaves me wondering what to do with the hours I spend awake and uninspired.

So I watch dvds instead. So far I've watched Will And Grace, Family Guy and The Simpsons.


I hate Pokemon, solely cause of Delcatty. It's an evil, satanic Pokemon that must be killed! it's been the cause of my demise 5 times now.

I was meant to go to see about the Job Center today, but I didn't cause I was up too late. I pondered going tomorrow but I won't have time so I might on Thursday instead.

I finally managed to finish a part of fic last night. Huzzah! Now to finish the next part of Dead, cause I wrote some to that too.

Tomorrow's Lostprophets, so I'll be gone from 3 (an hour to get ready, the rest of the time to get there/look around the shops) then it starts at 7. As usual with gigs I won't be back till midnightish so I'll do a post then about it.

Gonna set up the Cube again Friday, so I can go on Zelda, though it'll be mostly for the nights when I've got block.

I keep adding to the fic list I made a few days back, but only to add ideas next to pairings. You know, a rough idea of what'll happen in it which is pretty much summed up in a few words.

I need to invest in a big, flashing, neon sign saying 'I write slash fic but I'm not a chick'.
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