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The Time Of Our Lives Part 2

The Time Of Our Lives
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Waycest, Frankie/Bob, Waycest/Frankie/Bob/Ray and variants of them all
POV: Frankie
Notes: Inspired by the Blender cover
Apologies for the delay (to this and to other fics), a mix of writers block, family problems and travel are to blame.
Part 1

Part 2

The plan, to Mikey at least, was simple. I was to lure Bob into the Way's bedroom, where everything we both wanted would come true. yes, to Mikey it was simple, to me it wasn't. Mikey's plan had involved me tying Bob's hands together, blindfolding him and leading him to their room. Then I reminded him how smaller I was compared to Bob and he had to reconsider. I had a feeling though that it was Gee's idea instead of Mikey's. After thinking for just a moment I came up with something that was much better in both our minds. The following half hour was then spent mostly making out and stroking each other's skin beneath our clothes.

I took a deep breath and entered Bob's room, hoping that this would all work.

He was laying on the bed, completely topless, the silver ring attached to his left nipple gleaming in the light. His eyes were scanning the pages of a magazine that he held in front of his face until he heard my arrival, when he tossed it aside and turned to gaze at me. "Ah, Frankie, just in time..." He rubbed his chest slowly and I could see his pants were clearly bulging. "How about you come here and help me out like a good boy?"

Slowly I crossed the room to his side, my eyes still wondering over his familiar body. He was beautiful, especially when he was devoid of clothing. Over the time he'd been with us, he'd decided to let his hair grow, which just served to make him look adorable. Well, adorable when he wasn't naked and fucking my brains out. "I have a better idea..." I sat beside him on the bed, reaching over to rub his crotch and whisper in his ear. "How about you fuck me on Gee's bed? I bet the sheet's smell of him..."

He bit his lip in thought, then licked my cheek lightly. "Brilliant idea..." He swung his legs off the bed, a bright smile on his face. He clearly liked my idea, just as I knew he would. "Are they out for the day then?"

Here was the hard part, lying to him. Fortunately, unlike Mikey, Bob couldn't tell if I was lying. "Yeah, they went to see family I think." He clearly believed me as he circled the bed to my side, running a hand lightly over my t-shirt bfore reaching down and taking my hand in his, pulling me to stand.

"Then lets go."

The Way bedroom wasn't far from Bob's. In fact, their room was just at the opposite send of the coridor from Bob's. As we walked the short distance, we passed Ray's bedroom my own, as well as the spare room that was officially Mikey's, but unofficialy had never been used by him at all. I pressed my hand against the bedroom door, feeling one of his hands squeeze my ass. "I'm going to fuck your pretty little ass so fucking hard..."

I couldn't help but let out a soft moan at his words, knowing what he said would be true. I pushed open the door slowly, peering into the brother's bedroom before slowly entering. The bed that occupied the center of the room was the largest in the house and could probably fit all of us with room to spare. The headboard was pretty much a series of small poles, which ended in a decorative curve. Along the left wall was several closets which contained Gee and Mikey's outfits and tonight, them as well. Even now, I could feel their eyes on me from in there.

Bob's hands pressed against my ass lightly, pushing me towards the bed. "Take off your clothes, now." I nodded, quickly pulling my I am a monster t-shirt up over my head, tossing it across the bedroom floor, exposing my tattooed chest.. His strong arms wrapped around my waist, undoing the top button of my pants. His chin was on my shoulder now, his lips pressed against my ear so I could feel the cold metal of his lip ring against my lobe. "Once you're naked..." His fingers worked on unzipping my fly painful slowly as he whispered in my ear. "You are going to standby the bed while I get on my back..." I moaned softly, curious as to what he had in mind as he pushed my pants and boxers down my hairless legs. "Then, you are going to get your sexy little ass on the bed and you are going to ride me until we cum." I couldn't help but bite my lip lightly to surpress a groan, the mere idea turning me on even more as I stepped out of my pants and boxers, my hardness sticking straight out from my body.

I did as he said, moving to stand by the bed, watching while Bob, who's pants were already on the other side of the room, pushed his underwear down his legs. His dick hit his stomach, the large tip shining with precum. "Do you need me to prep you?" I shook my head in response as he mounted the bed. Mikey had scissored me before we parted, knowing that it would help speed up tonight. While his fingers were buried inside me he purred in his ear, softly telling me that those same fingers would be stretching his big brother just after he left me. I almost came then and there. Too bad he removed his fingers, telling me to save it for later. "Good." He climbed onto the huge bed, inhaling the scent of the Way brothers that permeated the sheets as he held the base of his length, aiming it straight up. "Climb on."

I nodded, glancing over to the closet with a smile before mounting the bed, straddling his body. He was muscular, more so then I, but was yet it was somehow sexy. Slowly, I lowered my ass down, feeling the head of his cock press against my cleft. I reached down, gripping both my ass cheeks and holding them open, his pulsing length easily finding my hole now. As soon as I felt the slick head press against my ring I slammed my hips down, moaning in pleasure as I impaled myself on him. At practically the same time we let out groans of pleasure, although I was fairly sure his were louder then my own. Although normally he was quite a quiet person, he'd proven to be extremely vocal during sex. I rotated my hips slowly, gradually getting used to this position. Sure, I'd seen and read about it in porn, but I'd never actually experienced it before. The fact that he was thrusting his hips up every few seconds proved that I was doing something right though. His hands were on my hips as my own pressed against his stomach, my fingers tracing circles on his soft skin. I'd now started to raise my ass up and down his length, louder moans issuing from his lips. His eyes were now half-lidded, with most of his moans being along the lines of 'Oh Gerard you're so fucking tight'.

I squeezed my ass around him, intent on giving him pleasure as I heard the closet doors open. I guessed he hadn't heard as he certainly didn't react to the sound. I turned my heard, watching as Mikey whisphered something to his older brother, both of which were stark naked and hard as rocks. Bob's eyes were now fully closed in pleasure as his thrusts became more erratic inside me. The younger Way made motions with his hands, raising them above his head before pointing at Bob. It was clear what he wanted. I returned my attention back to Bob, grabbing his hands from my hips and raising them up to the headboard roughly. He seemed to think nothing of it, merely letting out louder moans in response. When I let go of his hands he left them where they were, probably too lost in his fantasy to care about moving them back. while I'd been doing that, the brothers had come closer to the bed, Mikey was behind Bob's head, while Gerard was beside us, eyes wide as he listened to Bob's ramblings.

I speed up my movements, returning my hands to his stomach to give me better leverage. I tried to move my ass up just as his hips went down to give him maximum penetration when he thrust back up. Now, with every thrust his erect dick slammed against my prostrate, making me moan loudly. By now our moans of pleasure were the only sounds that filled the room, that was, until another sound interrupted them.



I gazed up to the headboard, where Mikey had just finished handcuffing Bob's wrists. I wasn't sure if it was even registering to him though as there was no indication of it. Well, apart from his hips bucking up even harder then before. Mere moments later though, there was a dip on the bed, signalling that the older Way had joined us. Lips brushed against the tip of my weeping hard-on, which had been left unattended until now. I glanced down, watching as the bleached-blonde head devoured my cock.

"Bob, open your eyes Bob..." Mikey's voice cut through our moans, even though he could easily just have whispered into Bob's ear. I could see his eyes flicker open and he finally realised what was going on. Mikey's hands were on Gerard's ass, pushing him over so his legs were either side of Bob's face, obscuring my view of his reactions. "Suck him."

Apparently he was doing just as Mikey asked as Gee's ass was now moving up and down. As far as I knew, Bob had never once sucked cock, so I guessed it was he was only able to take just the head and an inch or two of the shaft. My hands were now tangled in his short blonde locks, as he twirled his tongue around my head, flicking the tip along my slit every so often. I knew that, between his sucking and Bob's throbbing cock inside my ass rubbing my g-spot, I'd cum soon and I wouldn't be the only one. A pair of Mikey's slender fingers were now buried up to the knuckle inside his brother's ass, almost certainly squirming against his own spot to make him shoot in Bob's mouth.

Mikey's free hand reached over to me, his fingertips running up over my chest, lightly pinching my left nipple. He crossed the space between us, planting his lips on mine as his fingers moved to toy with my other hardened nub. As his tongue pushed into my mouth, I thought about how amazing this all was. How good Bob's length felt pulsing inside my ass. How wonderful Gerard's mouth and tongue felt around my length. And then there was Mikey's fingers and tongue. I gripped Gerard's hair even tighter then before, moaning into Mikey's mouth as I came deep within the singer's throat. My ass spasmed wildly around Bob's length as I felt my inner walls get sprayed by his load. Mikey's lips left mine only when my grip on his brother's hair loosened. "Now, that was hot." He purred softly, his fingers sliding out of Gee, most likely meaning that he'd spurted too. "You did good Bob..." He petted what I assumed to be Bob's head as Gee rolled onto the bed, my cum staining his lips, his chest heaving as he panted heavily. "You too Frankie and Gee..."

"You're right Mikey. That was hot." I didn't have to turn my head to know who that voice belonged to, none of us did. Wasn't he meant to be visiting family?
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