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This is I can't stand you

Never ever having children. They seem to just cause trouble.

I went this afternoon to one of mum's friends to deliver a letter/my Kerrangs (so her husband can read them, he sends Metal Hammer etc in return for me to keep). I thought I'd be there for a half hour maybe, tops. I ended up there for 2 hours. Sigh, it was mostly as two customers came into the shop, so i didn't feel I could leave then. The second one irked me with her Christianess. Bah. I saw a nice skirt too, so i had to stay to ask how much it was and it was £25. A bit too much maybe.

Oh well, I'm back now and I'll just seal myself off and write for awhile.

Random question: What's that 70's Show like?

Edit: Watching Harry and Dougie eat cabbage is funny. I put in three big kleaves about 10 mins ago and now only one's left.

Can someone look for Link pics (pornier the better) and Link/any guy or Morpha smuttyness? Thankiee
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