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There's a lot of things you can do with a stop watch

Torchwood, once again=love.

Best part was the end.
Ianto: There's a lot of things you can do with a stop watch
Jack: My office in 10 miutes

How obvious is that? They're fucking. I may fic it.

It was a good ep. Suzie's more devious then I thought. What did her dad do that make her want to kill him? And what did she mean about something moving in the dark? Something coming for Jack? What's that mean?


I love Jack. Jack an his acrobatic twin boyfriends.


In the club thing, I recognised the voice of who was singing. Any idea as to who it was?

The cops seem to not like Torchwood: until they laugh at them being stuck. Genius.

Brilliant episode though, I loved it.

I'm totally getting the dvds when they're out just after Christmas.
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