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You believe it's this... boy?

I'm in a Zelda mood, I might restart Ocarina Of Time or Majora's Mask when I (eventually) set up the Cube again. Sadly, I'm not getting the Wii until Christmas, which is so frustrating. I want it now damnit! Ok, so chances are high it won't be here on release day but still...

I'll get Twilight Princess next week or something (though probably later), so I'll know the instructions inside out by when it comes.

Some of my posters sare up now, including the one of Link.

I now picspam with Twilight Princess pics, just cause I can.

This is Link. He is the only character that's been in every Zelda game (plus Smash brothers). Every link though, is a different one, although they all look the same. Which is good, cause they're all hot. Twilight Princess's Link is a teenager. Link isn't an elf, despite the ears. He is a Hylian.

He can get his mouth wide. (For the love of all the goddesses I hope there's some hot guy for him to have tension with in the game else I'll go mad)

This is Link in the Twilight Realm. He's a wolf. And still hot. Does that make it bestiality? On top of him is a Twili called Midna. From what I can tell she's the Navi/Tatl of Twilight Princess.

See how pretty?

He has a lamp for some reason. Those things seem to be things he can kill. Link is good at killing things.

This is another thing he can kill. See him kill it? In previous games Link has been the bearer of the Triforce of Courage (not sure if that's true here). Basically the Triforce is three triangles representing the three goddesses: power, wisdom, courage. Together, they make the Triforce. If you touch it and your heart is pure (as well as having a balance of all three) then you can wish for whatever you want and it'll be granted to you. If, however your heart isn't pure or all three traits are out of balance the Triforce splits into it's three parts. Link has alwas been the one that gains the Courage triangle, Zelda gaining the wisdom one and Ganon the power one.
Here endth the lesson

here is Link looking pretty, most likely on a bridge (possibly near or in a volcano, most likely Death Mountain).

Endth the picspamness.

I shall go back to writing now.

Edit; More Zelda ramblingness.

While trying to find out of Dark!Link is in Twilight Princess (answer: I have no idea) I found out other things:
One of the bosses is called Morpheel and apparently (as the name implies) it's a lot like Morpha, complete with tentacles. Now need to decide weather to do OOT Link being fucked by Morpha, or TP Link getting screwed by this. Hmmm, I'll wait on caps to decide.

Also ReDeads are back, but are scary apparently (described as having flesh hanging off their bones). I liked ReDeads, I pondered doing a Link/ReDead fic once. I want caps damnit!

Anyone that finds caps of those two or any other really good ones (read as hot Link or Dark!Link) then i'll reward them.
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