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And woe betide

Today's been weird, as have most of the days lately. I think there's a trend.

I got up at just after 10, but only cause of the phone ringing. That was mum, telling me that I needn't go over for half hour plus. Gah. I expected her to say come over instead. Annoying woman.

So before I'm even out the door half hour later, she comes waddling over, rambles about stuff and goes off again, so I go shortly after. The hairdresser comes to do her hair soon after I've got there, but her car blocks the driveway so I'm stuck there for an hour with nothing to do. Sigh. The hairdresser apparently likes MCR though, so that's a bit odd to me. Good odd though.

I managed to catch the Can't Catch Tomorrow vid, well sorta, while I was over here picking up my DS. Ilan=underrated < 3

I need a name for the Losprophets slash comm. Ideas in a comment.

Finally go shopping, with mum tagging along. Basically everything that was bought, was for the two weeks of me time I have up ahead. So there were lots of pizza's, microchips and other stuff put in the trolley. Got two dvds outta it to, though I was going to put in a boxset, I put in the Family Guy Christmas dvd and Boo, causa the trailer. Family Guy was £5, Boo was £7 so that was good.

I didn't realise it was December until then, the year's gone quick. And I hadn't turned obver the calander's/opened my advent ones (still haven't).

Came home, put stuff away, yada yada.

Then we went to see nan.

The road was full of traffic so it took us twice as long to get there as it should, if not longer. The hospital creeped me out. Hospital's never used to get to me, but today it did. I don't know wheather it was because of the images I'd conjured in my head, or if it was because it was right next to college, or the huge, strange jigsaw that hung on the stairwell. Maybe it was the coldness, the whole sterility and silence.

I'm not sure what it was. Maybe it was all of them.

In a way, she was better then I expected, yet in some ways she was worse. Better in that she had her own room and wasn't hooked up to a million wires. Worse in that her face was all red, she could hardly seem to move and that her voice was still strange. When she talks now it's so quiet and mostly it's a strange selection of words that no one could understand. We stayed for about two hours, with me sitting next to her, holding her hand until she had her dinner. Then I moved to across the room so mum could feed her.

I'm not even certain she knew who I was, but maybe that's just fear talking. Then, while she ate, mum pointed at me and asked her if she knew who I was.

She shook her head.

I hope to everything it's just cause my hair's a bit longer then when I last saw her, or that she couldn't see me properly.

The way back was silent. I cried just a little, but not enough for it to be noticeable.

Once we were back I bought Dougie andd Harry over and stayed home, distacting myself with my game.

Went back at just before nine to get Danny and say bye. £40's been put in with my Lostprophets ticket. Said bye to them both and realised just how strange being alone for two weeks will be, like truly alone. I won't see anyone unless I venture outside and I don't have the will to go anywhere right now.

I'll sort out this whole Job Center buisness in the week, probably before the gig, but that and the gig are my only reasons for going out properly. I guess that's good cause of how cold it is.

Shall start righting now cause the game's curser pissses me off freezing, plus I've gotta ddistract myself somehow.
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