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It's all a bit strange isn't it?

I hated this morning.

At least packing's mostly done though, and at least it's sorted.

Left to pack:
The clothes I'm wearing
Star Wars book
Advent calandar

So yeah, almost done.

Got one of Matchbook 20's albums to see what it's like. Got Kerrang, which has pretty Ian, Bring Me The Horrizon and Fightstar in. Babu got Matt's album, but The Automatic's wasn't there:( I'm so glad I get Metal Hammer free, cause Bullet, especially Jay, look hot in it.

Jay's hotter then Matt.

After much pondering (between it and one of The Sims 2 expansions) I got Forces Of Corruption. It looks brilliant < 3 The main selling point was I had Sims 2 only set up on the old fossil comp, that's shit, while Empire At War's on both comps. I'm going to put Sims 2 on the new one once I'm home and might get an expansion at some point, but with the Wii so close it seems a bit... pointless.

Oh well.

I have the start of MCR orgy part 2 done. Bob is topless. Should finish this part tonight I hope.

Mum shouldn''t be allowed near a keyboard.

Where is the full set of the new Panic! pics?
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