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The same way that I always do

Started packing last night. If you call shoving all my magazines in a bag packing. The real packaging started this morning. About 70% of my tee's are packed now, as is my cube, my Doctor Who cards and some other stuff. Last to be packaged will be the device and the laptop, which'll be in the morning and any food/drink I'll be taking.

I get the feeling there's not enough room.

It feels strange leaving again. Most of the time I'm reluctant to leave and I feel like I have to stay, that I need to stay. This time, though, the need to leave is stronger. I have to be home. I need to be home. For the first time in fuck knows how long I need to be with my family and I'm not sure if I've even felt that way before.

Last night was amazing.

I've got to get the ticket sorted for tomorrow before we go to Sevenoaks. Once we're back I can check the train timetables, Borders opening times and other stuff. And put everything on charge. Must do that.

I managed to sleep last night, but not till about 4, possibly later. I doubt I'll sleep tonight, though it'll be by choice as I don't want to sleep in case I oversleep. Also, it's so I can try to be a little productive.

Better get back to it.
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