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Weirdness will always find you

Gozu is the strangest fucking film I've ever seen. I don't understand it at all and the last bit was so.. ugh. Still, it had a hot oriental guy naked and wet so...

Thank you to everyone and they're niceness < 3 It means a lot.

I hate Channel 4. Where was Famous Last Words? Ugh.

I'd seen the penis programme before and I remember the ughness of the guy who had silicone in it. What a freak. Yeah, it gives you a bulge, but it does fuck all and looks disgusting.

Didn't get any sleep last night till about 8am. I did pretty much nothing in the night though. I tried to write, but I did only 4 lines total. I went on Zoo Tycoon, but lost the will to play it as it was taking so long to unlock things. Again, Channel 4 cheated us. When did Matt have the time to make a video? It's good though.

No Bromley, but Sevenoaks tomorrow *hopes we'll get Automatic's and Matt's album*

We're going to be watching Pokemon tonight and eating lots. Eating lots is out of character for me but eh.

I don't think I'll sleep tonight again, but hopefully I can write or something.

I need to pack, so I might start that if I can be bothered.

I hate HMV. I wanna get The Blackout's album, the Panic! single and Lostprophets singles and it won't let me. We haven't been to a HMV that's big enough to have them and the next time I'll be near one I'll have too many bagss to look. Sigh. Mum wants to go to Birmingham before Christmas, but I know by then it'll be too late and (the singles at least) will be gone. Sigh.

I've got to get Blender from Borders with all my bags too. I'll be knocking everything over.

I think I'll put on the dress again.

I have a cuddly unicorn! yay! *loves babu* < 3

I've missed something I know, but I don't know what. Sigh.
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