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And I think I just fell

I love Torchwood. Yay for lesbianess. I feel sorry for Tosh, first person who cares about her is an alien that kills people and ends up in the sun. Sigh.

Feel more sorry for Ianto. I wanna hug him.

Owen is hot and very dirty minded.

Jack talking to the PM makes me wonder if it's still Harriet Jones or if she's been replaced by someone else already? Hopefully we'll find out one way or another.

Next week looks intruiging.

The key to every fandom seems to be doing an orgy. Why the hell aren't there many band orgies? This is the second fandom where I've been pretty much the first to do one. (The other being Mcorgy which people liked so much I got nominated and won an award for it). Why is people tend to shie away from doing fics with more then threesomes?

Then again even the right threesome is fandom pay dirt, depending on the three. Maybe I should do another threesome fic soon.

Speaking of I've decided the Mcsecretsanta will be a threesome. Just... which three.

By tonight I'll post a part to WTDWTD, cause I've changed when the cut off point for the part was. Originally this part was going to go up to Ryan's death, but it's a bit long now, so once Mikey's cum and done some damage to him, I'll post it and 8 will have Ryan's death. Then we'll be back on track for a death a part like Blade was. Seems like it'll be longer then Blade, I get the feeling it'll be more then 20 parts cause of the ideas I have.

Going to try and get the orgy properly started, I might have some bondage and kink in it, but I'm not sure just yet. Gusss I'll see where it goes.

I'll find House Of Wolves lyrics and finish of Cause I See You Lying Next To Me Part 2, cause it's almost done and just needs the song.

I might finish the surgery on Gerard fic based on my dream, I think it's got enough done for a part already.

Going to brainstorm for the possibility of a Deaf And Dumb part 2. If I get a really good idea then it'll have a part 2. If I don't, then it won't, we'll see what happens.

One of the other ficlets might be done before I go too.

Fics I'm puttng of till I'm home:
*Zombie fic (simply as it has no pairing still)
*Miyavi hammer fic (the other guy hasn't yet been decided, le sigh)
*Hooker Spencer (deciding who he'll be with)
*The Hunt Part 3 (I have an idea, yet just don't want to write it yet)
*Where The Wild Roses Grow (haven't ecded who the other guy is/haven't copied lyrics over)
*Link/Dark Link necrophillia (cause I didn't save the pic to base it on)
*Ian/Ilan fic (cause I really want to do the pairing)
*Jay/Matt scat fic (cause I can't be arsed starting it)
*Sean/Ian/Matt/Dave orgy fic (haven't got inspiration for yet)
*Tie Me To A Chair (can't be arsed opening it until I'm back in a SOD mood)
*Something with Billy Martin (no idea why, but he's hot)
*Waycest/Omar fic (I need inspiration)
*Possible Puppy/Bitch sequel
*Something with Mark Hoppus (No ideas for it)
*Mcsecretsanta (once I've decided which pairing to do)

I'm 90% sure I've missed one or two. Oh well.

The annoying thing about wearing a dress is that bits get in my belly button. Is that normal?

Should be going to Bromley tomorrow I hope, otherwise there's no time. Gotta call home tonight to let them know when I'm going back, which'll be Thursday.

Some people have IM'd me, but my away message has been on near-constantly and I've rarely been able to see the messages.

Edited my info slightly. I'm still not used to my friends page, so I think I might be missing some peoples entreis cause of it. Oops.

Why aren't there any Lostprophets slash comm's? Or am I just missing them?

Edit: Famous Last Words on Channel 4 tonight at midnight. SQUEE!
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