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The Time Of Our Lives

The Time Of Our Lives
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Waycest, Frankie/Bob, Waycest/Frankie/Bob/Ray
POV: Frankie
Notes: Inspired by the Blender cover
Dedication: antontobias86

Tonight was bound to have happened eventually, one way or another. I guess it surprised me more that it had taken so long to occur. I closed my eyes, resting my head against Bob's sweaty chest. He was already asleep, as was Ray, who was on the opposite side of Bob, with an arm causually flung over the drummers chest. The Way brothers were still awake, with Mikey whispering soft words into his older brother's ear, words I wish I could hear. I started to drift off to sleep, with only two thoughts in my head. The first being how sore my ass was. The second being how we had to do this again, and soon.


Several hours earlier.

My Chemical Romance was a strange band to be in. I mean, no ordinary band had brothers who were fucking for one, or a drummer who clearly lusted after one of said brothers or a guitarist who had hair a bird could nest in comfortably. Yeah, it was a strange band to be in, but we were all strange, so it was ok.

I lay back on the bed in my room. We'd decided that it would be a good idea to buy a house in New Jersey for all of us to live in while we were there. It turned out to be a good idea, giving us somewhere to base ourselves that was near our families, plus it gave Bob a place to stay and relax as he was so far from home here. Mikey was laying on the double bed beside me, gazing at the ceiling intently. "Hey Frankie, I've always wondered something."

I turned my head from the celing, where I was looking too as if there was something interesting there, to look at his face. He was hot, there was no denying that and if things were different we'd be naked in this bed fucking each others brains out. Sadly that wasn't true. Well, I say sadly, thoughts of him and his brother fucking were enough to take my mind off him not being mine. "What is it Mikes?"

"Do you ever hear me and Gee going at it?" His cheeks flushed slightly as he spoke, though he had a slight smile on his lips. He was going somewhere with this, I was sure.

"Mikes, I'm sure people in Japan can hear you two! Of course I've heard, I'm not deaf." I grinned at him, reaching up to ruffle his hair as he blushed more.

After a small giggle, he turned to me, his eyes oddly sparkling as he spoke again. "What do you think about it?"

"You and Gee fucking?" He nodded in response and I considered how to reply. His question had caught me slightly off guard and I wasn't sure if I should be truthful or outright lie. Lying to Mikey Way was a bad idea though, he seemed to be able to tell when I was lying with pinpoint accuracy. "It's hot, sometimes I get off on it. Why?"

He smiled and nodded to himself, my answer seeming to please him. "Thought so." A smirk crossed his lips and he winked at me. Yes, Mikey Way was definately up to something. "Bob must too then."

I gulped, nervous as to where this was going. "What makes you say that?"

"Because he always screams Gee's name while he fucks you." Holy shit, how did he know that? Yeah, Bob and I had sex ocassionally. Ok, it was more like a few times a week now. Bob had a thing for Mikey's brother, something he decided to confide in me and I decided that to release all the sexual tension he had he could fuck me and pretend I was Gerard. It turned out to be a good thing for him, and for me too, so we did it whenever we could, but only when no one else was around. Sometimes I'd even wear a blonde wig and one of Gee's old stage outfits. And, just sometimes, I'd yell out Mikey's name as he made me cum. I didn't think anyone else knew. "Oh don't look so surprised Frankie, of course I know."

Now I was the one blushing, fidgeting nervously on the bed, taking a deep breath before speaking the first thing that came to mind. "Does... does Gerard know?"

"Sure he does. He thinks it's hot. So do I by the way." His cheeks were no longer flushed and his tongue sweeped across his lips every few seconds. "I bet you're wondering why I'm asking." I nodded, even though he already knew I was. He leaned in close, darting his tongue over my ear lobe making me shiver in pleasure. "Wanna make Bob's year?"

"Wh... what do you mean?" I was finding it even hard to get my words out now, mostly as blood was rushing to a certain area of my body.

"Me, you, him, Gee. Naked, sweaty, fucking each other." Every word he uttered made my whole body shiver. Surely I was dreaming, he couldn't really be suggesting what I think he was right? "Bob can finally fuck my brother like he wants... and you can get my hard, throbbing cock buried so deep inside you your ass will be sore. Which is something I know you want too."

I bit my lip hard to surpress a groan. "Mikey... for the love of god tell me you're not fucking around here..."

"I swear to you I'm not." He planted a light kiss on my neck. "Me and Gee discussed it. We always considered asking one of you to join us, but hearing you both at it has given us a reason to get both of you." He slowed kissed up the side of my face, ending it with a kiss on my cheek. "We'll have the time of our lives tonight, if it's what you want."

"What about Ray?" I muttered, but only half-caring about him right now.

"He's still visiting his family until tomorrow. Although yes, we've thought about having him too." His tongue flicked over his lips again, though it seemed to move purposely slowly this time, most definitely to tease me. "So, how about it?"

The words were out of my mouth without a second thought, or even any thought at all really. "Fuck yes."
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