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Can't even hit people

Last night I had technical difficulties, hence the fics being posted late. The connection to device I use to store fics on to transfer from the laptop to the comp kept fucking around. I really need to get it fied so all the USB oports don't keep fucking up. It took me over an hour to sort out. Or maybe that's an exxageration, but it felt like that.

Bah. Oh well, they're there now.

We didn't go to Lakeside today, bah. So I fell asleep and slept for two hours. No point getting up for nothing.

Got Kerrang though. The gig getting 5 K's is love. The picture of The Used is weird, cause Quinn's got dark hair and Bert has light hair, which is strange. The calandar is love too. Especially the Bullet and MCR ones as they're new pictures.

I feel really sorry for Matt with the problems with his voice. It's meant that the gig we were going to has been postponed until next January. Means I'll be back here sooner then expected though, so yay.

Babu's got a cuddly unicorn from Tesco, which is absolutely adorable and fluffy. There'll be pics later.

Oriental boy porn is sex. There's not enough of it.

I'm going to try and stop going on Pokemon, so babu can catch up. We were meant to go at the same pace and I kinda... played more. Oops.

I've got some other fic done, but I'm too annoyed with the laptop and sitting cross-legged on the floor to write more right now.

I'm resisting the urge to get pissed off with mychemicalslash again, as I tried to post the fics I did last night and they've neither been accepted or rejected: even though about three lots of fics have been since I tried to post it. Once again, the system pisses me off. I'm trying to see it as a mistake though, but it seems unlikly. With it neither accepted or rejected I can't even try to post anything else.

I've commented the mod to see what's going on.

Erm... what else? I think that's it.

Lakeside tomorrow or Saturday, I hope it's tomorrow.

I'll do the Christmas post thing later on.

Mum annoys me.

Edit: Mod says LJ lost it and it must've done as it's just posted it.
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