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Deaf And Dumb

Deaf And Dumb
Pairing: Frankie Iero/Pete Wentz
Rating: NC-17
Keyword: Deaf And Dumb
POV: Frankie
Warnings: Underage sex of dubious consent
Dedication: antontobias86 for setting me seven keyword challenge things of which this is one of them. They were meant to be drabble length, maybe longer, but the ones I've done so far have turned out longer.

To me, the world was deathly quiet, it had been all my life. My parents hadn't been able to look after me, not just due to my deafness, but also as I couldn't speak either. One day, when I was seven years old, I woke up in the car and they were driving me here. I wasn't sure where here was, I still wasn't, even six years later. Inside my little room, which contained a bed, chest of drawers, a dresser and a Tv (which, even though I had no idea what anything was about, I still watched as the pretty colours enticed me) I lay on my bed staring at the celing. The celing, like the walls of my room, wasn't bare. They were posters of other boys, of animals and of spaceships. I knew all of them by name from reading and re-reading my collection of magazines and books which were scattered around the room. Right now I was staring at a particular boy on the celing. He was called Tom Delonge and he was a musician. Although I'd never be able to hear his music I could still appreciate his looks and body, as well read about what he thought in interviews. I felt myself sigh sadly.

A shadow fell on me and I knew someone had entered. As I turned my head I recognised who it was. He was called Pete and he was a boy here, well I assumed so. He was either someone like me or a worker here, he never told me. Or maybe he did as I couldn't lip read. I didn't care either way, he bought me books and magazines for me to enjoy. He had a smile on his face, one which made me shiver slightly. Why was he smiling?

He reached his hand down to his crotch and unzipped his pants, opening them quickly and pulling out his cock. My eyes widened in surprise and fear. I'd never seen another boy's dick before. He reached out and gripped my legs, spreading them apart roughly before unzipping my own pants. I was frozen, not sure what he was doing and not entirely sure how I should be reacting. My stillness seemed to please him though, as he pulled my pants down my legs and cast them aside. He seemed to be pleased that I wasn't hard though. He lifted my legs up, pulling me along the bed and hooking them over his shoulders. What exactly was he doing?

He was saying something, but I had no idea what, so he placed two fingers at my lips. I blinked, confused as he pushed them between my lips. What did he expect me to do? He reached into his pocket with his free hand and pulled out a small piece of card. He held it up so I could read the single word on it. 'Suck'. I nodded and parted my lips, not knowing why he wanted me to but I did it anyway. He smiled, raising my t-shirt with his other hand now, the card tossed aside. He didn't try and pull it off, just raised the black material up to my shoulders. I circled my tongue around his fingers slowly, sucking on them lightly. He removed them all too soon, his lips moving as he said words I couldn't hear. He trailed his now wet fingers down my body between my legs, the tips brushing over my small soft length. I opened my mouth at the contact, realising if I'd been able, I'd have made a sound.

He smiled and said something again, before pressing the tip of one of his fingers against my asshole. What the hell was he doing? His finger forced it's way inside me, then started wiggling once it was up to the knuckle. I bucked up at the contact, his finger brushing up against something inside me, but I wasn't sure what it was. My cock, still soft, twitched at the contact and seemed to stiffen slightly. I'd never even had a hard-on before now. I'd only read about them in magazines and books, but I'd never thought I'd get one.

Pete's finger was joined by a second, which as soon as it was as deep as the first, start moving inside me. They moved like a pair of scissors, though I wasn't sure why they were doing that and soon I didn't care as they hit that place again. My mouth was open wide again and I gazed down my body. My dick was fully hard for the first time in my life. He seemed pleased by my reactions, or maybe he wasn't as his fingers slid out. I tried to push back to keep them inside me, but they soon moved to my hips instead. Seconds later, I didn't care, as his hardness penetrated my ring forcefully. I tipped my head back in pleasure, knowing that, once again, I'd be making noise if I could.

He pulled out all the way, then slammed back inside me, even harder then before. Gods this felt amazing. I pushed back against him everytime he pulled out, my eyes eventually lidding in pleasure. I could feel that he was making noise though, feel it in his pulsing cock and his rough, hard thrusts into my small body. Was this what it felt like to be fucked? I hoped that he'd do it again. His nails dug into my thighs and I knew he'd leave marks, yet didn't really care. He felt so good inside me. Before I even knew it I was bucking my hips into the air, my whole body shuddering in pleasure as something hit my chest. I opened my eyes curiously and noted it was a white liquid, which pooled on my chest. I reached down and tentatively proded it. It was stickly and felt strange, so I bought my finger to my lips to taste it. It was salty, yet I liked it. A lot. It was then I realised that Pete had sprayed something inside me, probably what I had just tasted. after a few seconds he pulled back, his words moving again.

With the same smile he used earlier, he pulled up his pants and zipped his flies up. I watched him curiously, all the time collecting as much as what I'd shot as I could before it dried, licking it all off my fingers. He headed to the door, picking something he must have set there, placing it on the bed beside me. He planted a kiss on my forehead then left me alone to clean myself up. After a few moments, where I'd tried his juices as well as my own, I glanced over at the pile of magazines he'd left beside me. On top of them was another card.

'Read up, I'll be back little one'

I moved the card aside and gazed at them. On all three of them there were boys, naked boys touching each other and themselves. Eagerly I opened the top one and began to read. I wanted to make sure there was a next time and a time after that. Clearly, so did he.
Tags: fall out boy, fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/pete wentz, my chemical romance, pete wentz, slash
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