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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Mikey Way, others implied
Rating: NC-17
Keyword: Bottle
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Fisting, bottle fucking, rape
Dedication: antontobias86 for setting me seven keyword challenge things of which this is one of them. They were meant to be drabble length, maybe longer, but the ones I've done so far have turned out longer.

The night was young and Cardiff was alive and buzzing. While the others had chosen to go back to the hotel, even my big brother, I'd decided to go out and see the sights alone. I wasn't afraid of being alone though, I could take care of myself. For, despite my slender form, I was quite strong and knew the right places to hit to cause pain. I took a deep breath of the night air as I walked down one of the many back alleys, knowing better then to take any of the main, more public roads. I'd no desire to get mobbed by a bunch of girls.

Ahead of me I saw a figure wander through the shadows. From what I could make out he was roughly my height, with long hair past his shoulders and a bottle in one hand. I stood still for a moment, watching as he staggered towards me, trying to guage if he noticed me. He was thin, like me, so I assumed he wouldn't be much of a problem. I nodded to myself and resumed walking towards him, intent on just getting past him.

"Hey!" His drunken voice filled my ears as I approached him. "I know you! You're..." He paused for a moment, as if searching through his memory for my face. As I gazed at his face, I felt some faint recognition as well, but not enough to put it to a name. Probably a fan I'd seen from the corner of my eye. He wasn't bad looking though, he had some stubble on his chin, and a small silver cone from a piercing sticking out from it all. He'd look much better with the stubble gone though. "You're that Way! Frankie Way that's it!"

I blinked and shook my head. He couldn't even get my mind right, so I could scratch that fan idea from my mind. I opened my mouth to correct him, but found myself forced back against the alley's brick wall. Clearly he had some strength in him too. "You're hot. So hot, that I'm gonna fuck you right here, right now."

Fantastic. He was going to rape me. Well, try. I felt his hot breath on my face as he leaned in close to kiss me. Slowly I raised my knee, allowing his lips to press mine. He only had one hand pining me against the wall, the other clung to the neck of his bottle as he was using his body to hold me in position. I counted to three in my head, as his tongue traced the line of my lips. At three, I raised my knee fully, hitting him straight in the crotch. His lips left mine as he howled in pain, backing off me to use the hand that was holding me to cup his pained crotch. "Fuck!"

I licked my lips, tasting him as I took a step forward, noting that he took one back as I did so. "First, I'm not 'Frankie Way' the name's Mikey Way. Second of all I'm not a victim. I don't get raped by fucking drunken bastards, no matter how attractive they may be. The last guy that tried to do that to me ended up in a lot more pain then you're in right now. Although the pain was in exactly the same place. Third of all, you are going to tell me you name."

"M... Matt Tuck." He straightened up slightly, the blow clearly sobering him up slightly. "I'm in a band..."

"I don't give a fuck, though that does explain where I know your face from." I approached him slowly, until I had him backed against the opposite wall. I wrapped my hand around the bottle's neck, pulling it easily from his grasp. "You are going to do exactly as I say."

"I'll... I'll scream... my bandmates are..."

I glanced slowly around us, before resting my eyes back on him. "I believe the words you're searching for are 'not here'. Now you're going to do exactly as I say, or I'll call the cops on you. Or worse."

His adam's apple bobbed slightly as he gulped, most likely in fear of what could actually be worse. "Wha... what do you want from me?"

"You're going to undo your fly and drop your pants, then I'll do to you what you were going to do to me." I pressed myself against him, grinding my hips lightly. "Understand?" He nodded quickly with what sounded like a groan and I moved back enough to give him room to do as I asked. Seems tonight would be fun after all. He reached down, undoing the top button and slowly unzipping himself. His pants fell down as soon as the zipper reached the bottom, his boxers following seconds later. I gazed at his crotch. His dick was half hard, but looked pretty big. His balls were now slightly purple and close to his body due to hit I'd given him. Thankfully the whole area was covered in curly dark hairs, as I utterly despised shaved boys. "Good boy, now turn around."

"I... I normally..."

"I don't give a fuck!" I growled softly, raising my knee threateningly. "Tonight you're mine, so turn around right now." He bit his lip, immediately shutting up as he turned, bracing himself against the wall with both hands. He was getting better. His ass cheeks were smooth and fairly hairless, but his crack had a few dark hairs within it. Perfect. Before I readied him for fucking I reached into my jacket pocket, pulling out my camera phone to take a few snaps. The first was of his pretty ass, then I slipped my hand between his legs and took some of his balls and cock, hearing him whimper as I did so. I moved my hand from it's location, taking another shot of his ass as I placed the near-empty bottle down on the floor beside him.

"Grip your ass cheeks and spread them open now." He did as he was told, pressing his upper body against the wall to steady himself, his hands spreading his ass to reveal his pucker. I took a quick snap of his small hole, licking my lips again. Satisfied for the moment, I returned the phone to it's pocket, but knew I'd take more later. I leaned forward and whispered softly against his hair. "Keep it like that." As soon as I uttered those words I moved back again, bringing saliva into my mouth, until I decided there was enough. I quickly spat some of it at his entrance three times in sucession. Clearly at least two of them had hit their target, as the hole was now shining slightly. I wasn't going to fuck him dry like he probably would have done to me. I lowered my hand to his ass, running my fingers over his crack before I pushed two fingers roughly inside him at the same time. He let out a soft howl in pain, but I just ignored him, scissoring my fingers to spread him open quickly. My other hand was unzipping my fly, releasing my boner from it's prison in preparation for the fuck he was going to get. Growing impatient, I pulled my fingers and positioned my hardness at his gaping hole. "Brace yourself." His hands quickly left his cheeks for the wall again, his fingers spreading out onto the bricks, readying himself for my entrance.

I growled as I thrust my hips forward, burying myself fully inside him in a single thrust. He let out another yelp of pain, so I wrapped my left arm around him and covered his mouth with my hand. "Shut the fuck up bitch, or tonight will be a lot worse for you." I kept my hand where it was, using the other to grip onto his long hair and yank his head back causing him to make more muffled sounds. I rocked myself inside him, enjoying his twitching tightness. It was clear he hadn't been fucked in days, if he'd ever even been fucked before as he was just so deliciously tight. I could feel that he was trying to push me out, but that only made the experience even better as I rammed harder and harder inside him. After a few minutes he stopped trying to push me out, but he'd started making more noise against my hand. Clearly I'd hit his spot more then once, but I didn't care if he came or not. One of his hands started moving from it's position, causing me to snarl in his ear. "Keep that hand where it is slut, you're not going to be jacking yourself off while I'm inside you." His hand instantly went back to where it was and I heard a soft whimper against my palm. I sped up my thrusts, the dominance I had giving me the same rush it always did when I had power over a male. I was already close and trying to surpress it as best I could. You'd think after fucking as many times as I have I'd be able to last longer, but alas I was never any good at holding back. I bit hard into his exposed neck, using his skin to surpress my groan of pleasure as I painted his insides with my load.

I panted softly against him for a few moments, resting my head on his shoulder to check the wall in front of him for cum. Apparently he hadn't sprayed yet. Good. I released his hair from my grip and let go of his mouth, slowly pulling my now soft cock out of his hole. He seemed to relax slightly and I got the feeling he thought that this was over already. "Don't you dare move." I hissed close to his ear as I zipped myself back up. "I'm not done with you just yet."

I decided now was the perfect oppotunity for more shots of this whore. So I took a few pictures of his ass again, smirking at the sight of cum leaking from his tight hole. I then wrapped my arm around his waist, taking some photo's of his angry erection before slipping it back in my pocket once more. I positioned my fingers back at his entrance, then thrust the same two as before back inside him. He groaned in surprise and I was content to let him make all the noise he wanted now. After a few thrusts, a third finger entered easily alongside the first two, causing his lips to issue another moan. "Tell me Matt," I purred against his neck, licking lightly at his soft skin. "Have you ever been fisted before?"

The fact that his eyes widened was proof enough to me that he hadn't. "Well, there's a first time for everything." I spread my fingers inside him, my cum acting as perfect lube for stretching him nice and wide. I pulled them out slowly, forming a fist with them once they were fully out. "Feel free to cum." As soon as the last word left my lips, I pushed my fist against his entrance. This wasn't the first time I'd fisted a guy and I knew it wouldn't be the last. Slowly my hand filled him. I knew I'd have to be careful to start with, but once I was in...

He was making a groan every few seconds now, his pucker now clamped firmly around my wrist. Accompanying the groans now were incoherent words of Welsh, which I recognised as swear words. Well, when you've fucked a few Welshman you tend to know what their swear words sound like. I smirked in satisfaction, rotating my wrist slowly, listening as he just got louder. I wiggled my fingers slightly, slightly rotating my wrist, so my fist did circles within him. From experience, I knew guys didn't last long with fists inside them and he was apparently no exception. I fished out my phone again, taking a few snaps of my fist inside him, just as he let out a half-scream, half-howl as he shot his load all over the wall in front of us. I pulled him back slightly with my fist, his body moving like a limp puppet so I could take pictures of it. The spray was larger then I'd expected as at least six bricks had the fluid splatter on it.

I shoved it back in my pocket as I yanked my fist out of him, hearing a pop-snap as it left him. His body, fell against the wall, his forehead pressed against it as he panted in pleasure. "Oh god Mikey..."

I ran my tongue over my lips with satisfaction at that. At least he'd learned my name. "Oh, I'm not done just yet." I bought the fist that had been inside him in front of his face, my fingers and hand covered in a mix of cum, sweat and his ass juices. "Clean it." He didn't seem to have the energy to argue or protest as he did so immediately, using his soft, wet tongue to cleanse my hand of everything that had been inside him. It was always arousing to see a guy do that. I made a mental note to get my brother to do that the next time we fucked. "Good boy. Now, there's just one thing left." My fist left his face and returned to my side as I knealt down beside him, picking the bottle up by the neck, tipping it upside down to empty it of the last drops of alcohol inside it, before turning it so it was horizontal and sliding my hand down it so it was near it's base. I aimed the neck at his gaping hole, wetting my lips as I pushed it forward.

As it reached his asshole, he whimpered. "Wh... what is that?"

"Your bottle." I replied simply, forcing the neck of it inside him easily. It was longer then my cock, but slightly thiner so it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. Of course, the glass was cold, solid and it didn't curve slightly like my erection did. I kept my hand on it's base, pushing it inside of him with my palm. I knew he wouldn't be able to take it all, but he could take enough and that's what mattered. Enough being about two thirds of it. I used my free hand to take shots of it going into his squirming body, stopping moving once I was satisfied with how much was there. I took a shot of it inside him, then smirked, taking a step back. "Don't worry Matt, soon I'm almost done." I slammed my phone against the bottle, secure in the knowledge that the phone wouldn't break as I watched the glass shatter. He screamed in pain as shards of glass sunk into his insides, as well as his ass cheeks. I spun the phone in my hand, using it to take more pictures as blood started to seep out of his new wounds. Sadly though, most of the base had missed his body completely and now lay on the floor in front of me in tiny pieces, but no matter. "This is what you get for trying to rape a Way, Matt." I reached down and pulled up his boxers before he had chance to remove any of the shards. Standing back up behind him, I leaned in close and purred in his ear. "When you next see your band, make sure to show them your ass. Then you're going to beg all of them to fuck you raw." I bought the camera in front of him, pulling his hair back once more so we'd both be in shot, then took a picture of his tear-stained face.

I let go of him, pocketing my phone for the last time as I left him behind. I heard him collapse to his knees and sob, the sounds of both filling me with immense joy. I'd broken him and he wouldn't dare fuck anyone for a good long while now.

Plus, the photo's would prove to be very good jerk off material. After all, I was already hard again.
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